7 Boring Movies In IMDB Top 250

9:35 am 26 Nov, 2013

There are some great movies in the IMDB top 250 list and some overrated ones as well. Since users can vote and rate the movies along with experts it is the closest we’ll ever come to getting a universal list of best movies. Shawshank Redemption is at number one (while the list was being compiled) and Godfather at number two. I agree with a lot of the movies on the list, but I also have to say that there are some extremely boring movies in the list too. I don’t mean that all these movies are bad, but even some good movies can be boring. Here are 7 movies from the IMDB top 250 list that are very boring.

7. Black Swan:

Black Swan is at number 199 and I appreciated the movie the first time I saw it. Natalie Portman has acted well and has lost a lot of weight to look like a real belle dancer. But let’s face it, the movie is slow paced and can get boring at times. There are some interesting scenes in between but most of the movie is slow and boring.

7 Boring Movies In IMDB Top 250

6. Gandhi:

Gandhi at 191 is another boring movie. It is a good movie and Sir Ben Kingsley has shown his brilliance once again. But movies about the life of any person can be a little on the boring side. No disrespect to Mahatma Gandhi or Ben Kingsley but after a while the movie can feel like a history lesson and as far as I remember history used to be boring.

7 Boring Movies In IMDB Top 250

5. Lawrence of Arabia:

Lawrence of Arabia narrates the story of Thomas Edward Lawrence, an inordinately complex man who has many sides to him. He is a hero, he’s a charlatan, and sometimes he’s a sadist. Although the story opens with a thrilling note – when Lawrence has just had an accident in Dorset and dies at the age of 46, the flashback that germinates from that point moves sluggishly through his time in Cairo and how he investigates the Arab Revolt against the Turks in WWI.

7 Boring Movies In IMDB Top 250

4. The Sixth Sense:

The Sixth Sense is Shyamalan’s masterpiece and is ranked at 144 in the IMDB top 250. Like most psychological thrillers the first time you watch it, your interest is held on by the need to know what’s going on. But once you know the story, it becomes a pretty boring movie. Bruce Willis’ acting is not very exciting either. It’s not a criticism of the movie as it is a great movie but all I’m saying is that you can’t watch it again and again and get the same enjoyment. But I guess that happens with all thrillers.

7 Boring Movies In IMDB Top 250

3. Up:

Up at 118 is really baffling. This is one movie on this list that I did not like at all. It got a lot of hype and a lot was expected but it’s nowhere as good as Toy Story or Finding Nemo or WALL-E. The story is not very tight and halfway through the movie it loses its way completely when the dogs start talking. It’s one movie that hopefully will disappear out of the top 250 list with time. If you haven’t seen it already you can give it a try but don’t blame me if you feel cheated by the end.

7 Boring Movies In IMDB Top 250

2. Citizen Kane:

Citizen Kane is one of the best movies of all time. It is ranked right now at 48 but arguments can be made about it being higher. It is technically very good and innovative. But as a movie on it’s own it’s very boring and long. Such type of movies that follow a character from birth to death tend to be boring. The only respite is that we know from the first seen that the character finally dies and the movie does end. I found watching it with commentary was much more enjoyable experience as I found out about the technical and directorial innovations used in the movie.

7 Boring Movies In IMDB Top 250

1. 12 Angry Men:

12 Angry men is at number 7 and definitely the most boring movie in the top 10. Again I’m not saying that it is a bad movie. But the concept of 12 men sitting in a closed room, arguing with each other is boring on the outset. The direction and acting and interesting dialogue makes it not as boring as it could have been but even that isn’t enough.

7 Boring Movies In IMDB Top 250

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