7 Best Ways To Kill Obesity

2:36 pm 30 Aug, 2013

The prevalence of obesity in adults as well as children is increasing at an alarming rate, as a result of which it is now considered to be a leading preventable cause of death globally. Lack of physical activity due to modern technology, easy access to fast food and sedentary work environment are major contributors to weight gain, where as genetics, medical health conditions and psychiatric illness cause obesity in some people. Obesity is not just a disease in itself; it is root cause of many other chronic diseases. It is easier for obesity to kill people than for people to kill obesity, unless there is total dedication and will to do so. The path to weight loss is slow, tough and too slippery, but if you do not quit, the goal can be reached. Here is the list of 7 best ways with which you can kill obesity, to live a better, healthier and longer life.

7. Set Realizable and Realistic Goals:

Waking up one fine day to realize you have gained a lot of weight, making a hasty decision to lose all those extra pounds in next 2-3 months is not only impossible, but also unhealthy. Setting unrealistic goals will take its toll quickly on people, due to which they will abandon the plan even before they get started. Going on crash diets, exercising heavily or taking help of quacks will never get permanent results. Make a plan with which you can stick throughout your life and keep losing a bit of weight every month.

Set Realizable and Realistic Goals

6. Eat Smart:

Most of the obese people are lovers of food; therefore, being on strict diet is not easy for them emotionally. The easy option is to choose food that can help you kill obesity without starving. Chilli, fresh vegetables, whole grains, berries, green tea and many other food help in controlling weight. Instead of trying to eat less, eat more by adding healthy food like watermelons, cucumbers and yellow/green vegetables to the diet. Start meals with low calorie food, so that if you are full you will be leaving the fatty food untouched.

Eat Smart

5. Drink Enough Water:

People spend heavily on weight loss pills and medications foolishly when the real medicine for weight loss – water, is available to everyone for free. One of easiest way to lose weight is by drinking 15 ounce of water 20 minutes before having breakfast or meals. The weight loss achieved by drinking water is not temporary like the results achieved by crash diet.

Drink Enough Water

4. Change Your Lifestyle:

If you did not have enough motivation to change your lifestyle to lose weight, than you have now. The American Medical Association formally certified obesity as a disease; so no more can people say that being overweight is a symbol of health, wealth and fertility. A little bit of changes to your everyday routine can make a lot of difference. Walk around, use stairs, quit smoking, reduce consumption of alcohol, sweets and oil, exercise, keep yourself stress free, sleep well and exercise if possible for a fit and healthy body.

Change Your Lifestyle

3. Keep Track of Your Weight:

Obese people often do not check their weight, as it is very disappointing to watch them gain a few pounds every now and then. Do not close your eyes to reality. Check your weight and keep track of it to know whether the measures you are taking to lose weight is bearing fruit or not. Even if you have lost a little bit weight, give yourself credit for it, because you have already reversed the process of gaining weight and are on the road to success.

Keep Track of Your Weight

2. Eat and Sleep Well:

Trying to lose weight by starving yourself or skipping meals is a wrong strategy. Eating healthy, regular meals on time is the best way to lose weight. It is not the quantity of food, but quality that contributes to obesity. If anyone would claim that they can make you lose weight while you sleep, you would call it a joke, but, research has proven that a good night’s sleep leads to weight loss. The amount and quality of your sleep determines the hormonal activity which controls appetite, hence the less you sleep the more you eat, resulting in weight gain.

Eat and Sleep Well

1. Do not quit:

You did not gain weight overnight, consequently you are not going to lose overnight either. Hang on and do not quit if you do not see quick results. No matter how effective plan you have, it is not going to work out until you stick to it. Often, there is reduction in weight initially, but later on it seems like you are stuck. This is when you need to work up the will power and stick to the plan. No matter which exercise you choose, which gym you hit or changes you make, it takes working it out strategically that leads to killing obesity.

Do not quit

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