7 Best Tips To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

7:49 am 14 Nov, 2013

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common male disorders and occurs due to a variety of reasons. It is a state of the body where a person is unable to achieve proper erection while having sex. For some, the reason may be advancing age; the others may get affected due to a particular medication going wrong, prostrate related ailment or diabetes. It can also be caused due to abuse of alcohol (and excessive smoking) or long working hours. The problem is surely complex in nature, but there have been cases where it was successfully rectified. So, there are plenty of ways to stay upbeat in the game – hope shouldn’t be lost!

7. Physical Workout:

It’s important to move your muscles and perform regular physical workouts. Taking to brisk walk in the morning and evenings is one of the ways of moving your muscles in the right way. As per one of the studies conducted in Harvard, just about 30 minutes of regular walking can help substantially in reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction. Sweating out through physical workouts can help in restoration of your sexual performance and achieving complete erection without any effort, when needed. The right Body Mass Index (BMI) is what helps in maintaining distance from erection related problems. Increased amount of fats in the body interfere with the hormone level and their performance in the body.

7 Best Tips To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

6. Vascular Health Check:

High blood pressure and soaring cholesterol levels are a major cause for the problem of erectile dysfunction and so they must be kept under control. You must check with your doctor at regular intervals and learn about the health of your heart, brain and penis. It helps in diagnosing any deformity evolving in the system at an early stage. You can improve your lifestyle and adopt various kinds of medications on time, in case chances of erectile dysfunction appear.

7 Best Tips To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

5. Kick Alcohol and Smoking:

If you want to enjoy a pleasurable and long lasting sex life, you must give away with the habit of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. Additionally, abuse of marijuana, cocaine and heroin are known to cause sexual disorders. Withdrawing away from such substances helps in enhancing erection and sexual stamina.

7 Best Tips To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

4. Pelvic Exercises:

A strong pelvic portion in the body helps in attaining proper erection and also helps in maintain the right supply of blood in penis during intercourse. There are certain exercises which help in strengthening of the pelvic muscles.

7 Best Tips To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

3. Proper Sleep:

A proper sleep helps in energizing the entire body. An 8 hour sleep can help you remain fresh and stress free throughout the day. You must always empty your bladder before going to sleep. This helps in maintenance your sexual health.

7 Best Tips To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

2. Healthy Eating:

It’s important to eat the right combination of foods when troubled with erectile dysfunction. You must consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs. You must discourage intake of red meat and refined grains. A deficiency of vitamin B12 may also contribute to the contracting of the condition. A diet rich in multivitamins and fortified foods is the best to keep things in control. Body massage with herbal oil helps in increasing testosterone level in the body. It’s also known as the best kind of aphrodisiac in Ayurveda. It should be practiced at least once a week.

7 Best Tips To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

1. Yoga & Meditation:

Yoga is considered the best way to keep you at arm’s length from stress and depression. Other than being the best stress busters, yoga & meditation are known to improve blood flow in the body. With an increase in the blood flow in your genital region, the problem of erectile dysfunction fails to live on for a long period of time. There are certain cases, where men, who otherwise achieve complete erection, lose out on hardness when about to begin with sexual intercourse with their partner. These are cases of psychological erectile disorders and can be treated with help of a yoga sessions. The mental block that builds up with mind with time, can easily be done away with using certain ancient yogic and meditation techniques.

7 Best Tips To Beat Erectile Dysfunction


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