7 Badass Geeks Who Ever lived

11:06 am 3 Dec, 2013

There have been people in history who kept themselves bereaved of worldly luxuries, dared to chase their dreams and contributed successfully to the fields of science, technology or the areas of works they were interested in. What is special about most of them is that they gave more weightage to their inner voice and aspirations than what their parents or the world had to impose on them. Exceptional traits like dead determination and utter conviction made them globally recognized as badass geeks! Here are top 7 badass geeks to have ever walked the earth and enlightened millions like me and you!

7. Marie Curie:

The only person awarded with Nobel Prize in two diverse sciences ever to live, Marie Curie was a chemist and physicist from Poland. She pioneered the area of radioactivity and was honored for being the first lady professor at Paris University. One of the most significant achievements of Marie’s life is the theory of radioactivity. Also, she discovered two elements known as polonium and radium and gave techniques related to the isolation of radioactive isotopes. One of the greatest female scientists of all time, she directed many studies that were carried out to treat cancer with help of radioactive isotopes.

7 Badass Geeks Who Ever lived

6. Julian Assange:

Julian Assange is founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, the controversial website that provides secret information and news leaks from around the world. He is an editor, journalist, publisher and social activist from Australia. As a teenager, Julian started working as a hacker and switched to computer programming later on. He became internationally popular after starting Wikileaks in 2006. He made public appearances worldwide and spoke about investigative journalism, freedom of press and censorship.

7 Badass Geeks Who Ever lived

5. Ludwig Wittgenstein:

Ludwig Wittgenstein was an Austrian philosopher who chose ‘Logic’ to be his primary area of study. He also contributed to the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of mathematics and the philosophy of language. He taught at Cambridge University for some years and got few works published in life. Though Ludwig was born in one of the richest families in Europe, he didn’t accept his heritage. Leaving academics so many times, he served in World War 1 and got recognized for his bravery. Later, he taught at schools in Austria but created controversies for hitting his students. Ultimately, he described philosophy as the work that gave him true satisfaction in life.

7 Badass Geeks Who Ever lived

4. Hedy Lamarr:

An actress from Austria, Hedy Lamarr was regarded as the most beautiful woman in Europe by her contemporary co-stars. She earned name and fame during the golden age of MGM and starred in several hit Hollywood films. Though she was already widely popular as an actor, the world got a chance to know her as a scientist when she discovered Secret Communications System in 1942. Experimenting something totally different from acting, she and George Antheil successfully introduced a radio signaling device. Later, the technique was used to make it impossible for enemies to decode messages.

7 Badass Geeks Who Ever lived

3. Paul Dirac:

Well-recognized for early and profound development of quantum electrodynamics and quantum mechanics, Paul Dirac was a physicist from England. He contributed to the field of Physics by spreading his knowledge at various internationally admired centers of education including Cambridge University, University of Miami and Florida State University. He also gave Dirac equation and studies the existence of antimatter. Paul was given the Nobel Prize in the year 1933 (shared with Erwin Schrodinger) for discovering new productive forms related to atomic theory. He had exceptional mathematical skills that helped him become one of the greatest physicists of all time.

7 Badass Geeks Who Ever lived

2. Jonas Salk:

Jonas Salk was a virologist and medical researcher from America and is known to develop the first successful vaccine for polio. He holds the second position among our proud badass geeks here is because he always dropped the idea of getting polio vaccine patented on his name, despite his friends repeatedly urging him for they knew the importance of his discovery! He devoted more than seven years of his life for introducing polio vaccine after undertaking a funded project in 1948. He never looked back until 1955, the year when the project came about successfully.

7 Badass Geeks Who Ever lived

1. Nikola Tesla:

Nikola Tesla, all of us know, is widely popular as the greatest geek ever or “The Geek Madness Champ.” It is just because of Tesla’s broad vision that today we know him for his mind-blowing accomplishments. We still remember him for various revolutionary contributions in the field of science and technology, magnetism and electricity especially. Remarkably, theories and patents maintained by Tesla led modern scientists to discover electric power systems based on alternating current (AC). He founded the basis of technologies and sciences that eventually proved to be hi-tech in modern world, including remote control system, computer science, radar, nuclear and theoretical physics and electromechanical engineering. And this is why he is regarded as the father of physics and the inventor of the twentieth century.

7 Badass Geeks Who Ever lived


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