6 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai For Lovebirds

12:01 am 9 Jan, 2014

In Mumbai, life never stops. If you stay there too long, you can easily lose your sanity. That’s why taking frequent holidays from the city becomes so important. For couples who just want to find a peaceful place to be romantic, it is even more important that they get away from the busiest center in India. Luckily, there are some really great romantic weekend getaways near Mumbai for lovebirds. Here are six such getaways near Mumbai.

6. Matheran:

Located just about 90 km from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune, is the tiny little hill station of Matheran. It is Asia’s only vehicle free hill station as no vehicle is allowed in the town. That makes it a great place to get away from the constant buzz of city traffic. Other than peace and serenity, this hill station also offers a lot of natural beauty and serene walks. There’s a very old toy train that you get to ride and the colonial architecture and the absence of vehicles will make you feel as if you have travelled back in time to a quaint little colonial town.

6 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai For Lovebirds

5. Karjat:

Karjat is another very good place near Matheran (which itself is in Karjat district) that offers wonderful romantic getaways for couples looking to spend a weekend together. There is a lot of natural beauty and you can participate in many activities such as trekking, rafting, hiking, rock climbing etc. It’s only 90 km from Mumbai that makes it just less than 2 hours away by car. There are also some Buddhist caves to explore. If you just want to be alone together then there are many farmhouses in the area that you can stay in.

6 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai For Lovebirds

4. Bhandardara:

Bhandardara is about 185 km from Mumbai. It is a scenic holiday resort village that is becoming a favorite among tourists. It makes for a perfect weekend getaway for mumbaikars looking for some quiet place to be romantic. The Pravara River flows nearby and the mountains offer many waterfalls and a lot of greenery to help you beat the stress of the hectic city life with your partner. The weather is pleasant through out the year. You can also visit nearby forts and temples if you are more of an explorer.

6 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai For Lovebirds

3. Shriwardhan:

Shriwardhan Harihareshwar is about 215 km from Mumbai. It is an untouched pristine beach that makes for a very romantic weekend getaway. The best place to be is the beach which has very few tourists and clean waters that will be a good change for those who are used to the beaches of Mumbai. The seafood collection is also impressive. You can also explore the nearby historical areas including The Peshwa Smarak and the Harihareshwar temple.

6 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai For Lovebirds

2. Tarkarli:

Tarkarli is 475 km from Mumbai on NH 17 and 576 km on NH 4. It is located at the confluence of the Karli River with the Arabian Sea. Regular night buses are available from Mumbai, Goa and Pune. The beauty of the beaches at Tarkarli more than make up for the long journey from Mumbai. They are some of the most beautiful beaches in India and haven’t appeared on the maps of the tourists yet. You can also go for snorkeling and scuba diving, hire a houseboat cruise or just enjoy the seafood on the pristine beach.

6 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai For Lovebirds

1. Vengurla:

Vengurla is near Tarkarli and just north of Goa. It offers wonderfully clean beaches surrounded by hills full of lush green forests. This is one of the most romantic places you can get away with your partner. The white sand of the beaches, the cold clean water and the salty sea air makes for the perfect romantic holiday. There are 5 beaches to choose from in Vengurla and all of them are secluded and without a crowd of tourists. Nivati Beach and Mochemad Beach are the two most scenic beaches in Vengurla.

6 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai For Lovebirds

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