6 Ways You Can Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life (Hitherto)

11:40 am 11 Jan, 2014

You have started your journey into the year 2014 with many resolutions and promises. Though the year 2014 is like any other year, with few plans and changes, you can make this year very special and best year of your life. Nothing better than starting off now, because, procrastination is something you should do away with if you wish to meet success. No matter how bad your past has been, you can make a new beginning from today towards your future. Do not let 2014 slip away like any other year, but add some purpose and resolve to your life, so that you can pat your back by the year end. Here are the 6 best ways that can make 2014 the best year of your life.

6. Conduct self evaluation:

Check out where you stand in your life. Evaluate yourself regarding your financial status, relationships, social connections, career and health. Be honest with yourself as to where you have gone wrong, and what can be done differently. Forgive yourself but do not forget your mistakes. Make priorities regarding what is the first thing you wish to change in your present life. Write down a list to do things that you wish to achieve with deadlines.

6 Ways You Can Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life (Hitherto)

5. Consider your assets:

Once you have finished self evaluation and decided upon the changes, you will have to check your opportunities and assets that will help you in achieving your goal. Do not set unrealistic goals which will lead to disappointment and bitterness later on. Instead, set goals that are within your reach. If it is the relationship issue, do not say that I am never going to be angry with my spouse or child ever again, because you are going to lose your temper once in a while, and then go through the guilt and shame of not being able to keep your resolution. Instead, make it simple. Promise yourself that you are going to try more self control, and not let off your steam often.

6 Ways You Can Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life (Hitherto)

4. Love your family:

Be it is your parents, siblings, spouse or children; family matters and they make you complete. Add friends to the list because they are the family you choose. Make note to spend some quality time with your family. If you are living far from your loved ones, make sure you take advantage of technology to keep in touch with them through call and phones. Tell them not by your words, but by action, how much they mean to you. Make effort to resolve and clear out past relationship issues that may interfere with your present. Love and be loved.

6 Ways You Can Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life (Hitherto)

3. Take care of your health:

The advancement of medical and health science will ensure that you will remain healthy, if you take out some time from your busy schedule to go for the required tests. Keep in mind your family history, age and other physical conditions to decide what help you may need. A problem detected early can be nipped in bud. Give up unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyle. Change your diet and stick to an exercise routine. Keep track of the changes taking place in your body. Never ignore any warning signs.

6 Ways You Can Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life (Hitherto)

2. Give your best:

No matter what task is on hand, do it with enthusiasm, giving it your best. Do not compare yourself with the results others get, but improve on your past achievements. You don’t have to beat someone else; you only have to beat your past record. Doing your best may not be enough many a time, but you will know in your heart that nothing else could have been done. Accepting the results and consequences becomes much easier in such situation. Never live in regret that you should have taken that one extra step.

6 Ways You Can Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life (Hitherto)

1. Appreciate self:

When you evaluate yourself, look for your positive qualities so that you can respect and appreciate yourself. Unless you love, respect and appreciate yourself, no one else is going to do it either. Do not allow the advertisements or what others say about you to corrupt your belief in self. Do not hesitate to accept appreciation from others. Work on building your self-esteem. Make use of positive phrases like ‘I can do it’, ‘I am competent’, ‘I deserve it’ that will boost your confidence.

6 Ways You Can Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life (Hitherto)

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