6 Ways To Vanish From A Party When You’re Over Drunk

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10:31 am 13 Dec, 2013

Letting go once in a while and enjoying yourself is not a sin, till the time you do not put the lives of people around you and your own in any kind of danger or trouble. Parties are the time to be you and have a blast. However, once in a while if you get drunk and lose it, it’s always a good idea to quietly leave the venue and head home. Vanishing acts are very simple to perform and take a little experience and practice. Ghost goodbyes are comfortable and convenient for the host and the guests. They do not break the momentum of the party. Mentioned below are 6 effective ways of vanishing from a party venue when you’re over drunk. Take a look!

6. Tring Tring:

The mobile phone is a great device to help you plan your act of leaving the party and if you are the “Happy Drunk” your movement towards the door will be immediately noticed. So just pretend that your phone is ringing and you need to take the call. But in the music and noise obviously it’s not audible, so you’ll have to take it outside. And if you see curious eye brows rising say that it was on vibration mode. Collect your belongings and leave quickly pretending to be talking on the phone. Do not look behind to see if you were noticed. Call a cab and head home.

6 Ways To Vanish From A Party When You’re Over Drunk

5. Smoking Hazard:

Most parties are smoke free nowadays. And if you’re a sad drunk, you’ll want a drag alone in peace, while mourning the tragedy of your life. Take a cue from that, break from the group on the pretext of going out for a smoke and leave the party. Be sure to note the exit points when you enter the party. Try not to tag along any smoking friends, who will get a clue of your hidden plan. Do not look for a friendly lift if possible.

6 Ways To Vanish From A Party When You’re Over Drunk

4. Washroom Break:

If you’re a philosophical drunk, deeply involved in a group discussing life, death or poverty in Africa, it won’t be easy for you to get up and go. But, let nature come to your rescue and excuse yourself for a wash room break and leave the group. Mind it, you need to know the direction to the wash room to look convincing enough. You just get one chance to exit, so look for the right time and leave immediately.

6 Ways To Vanish From A Party When You’re Over Drunk

3. Save yourself:

When you have begun to leer at a person whom you would normally not talk to and is way over dressed for you, you need to leave. On a sober day you might the dressing or the make up to over board for you. It can be pretty embarrassing for you to meet that person eye to eye next when you meet them. So a good idea would be to distract yourself, chat up some complete strangers and leave before putting yourself in a spot. Strangers can come very handy in such a tight spot, as they have no notions about you and won’t miss you if you vanish.

6 Ways To Vanish From A Party When You’re Over Drunk

2. Sleep over:

If you keep falling asleep on the couch and a complete stranger comes up to you and says – Are you Okay? It should ring a huge bell in your head which asks you to leave, as if the world is going to end. Gather all your courage, try to walk as straight as you can and walk out, without looking behind. And remember to call a cab, do not drive under any circumstances. Remember to call the host the next day and apologize for your unprecedented nap on the couch.

6 Ways To Vanish From A Party When You’re Over Drunk

1. Peer pressure:

Sometimes at parties there are elements that make us indulge in substances that we are not prepared to handle. Using such drugs can sometimes give us a feeling of worthlessness or compromise. Avoid joining such a group and look for reasons to give it a miss. Do not let it shatter your confidence. Change focus, shift to a new group, move to the dance floor. And at the first possible chance leave the party. Be sure to convey to the host, how much you enjoyed the party next day.

6 Ways To Vanish From A Party When You’re Over Drunk

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