6 Ways To Unplug From Social Media

9:58 am 3 Dec, 2013

We are living in a terrible world where we have made it binding to use smartphones and stay connected on social media. Since we’re always busy chatting, tweeting or reverting emails, the experience of every activity from conversation and dining has changed! We’re at a point where unplugging from social media is the only way out. Here are top 6 ways to help you unplug from social media and get-some-life:

6. Spend Time Practicing Yoga:

Spend some time doing yoga everyday and it would be more effective to join yoga classes. You can increase your practice time day by day to stay away from social media. You can’t cheat while practicing yoga with your instructor, for you would never want to be caught tweeting or checking your Facebook! This will help you develop a habit of giving a definite amount of time to yoga each day. With time, you’ll be able to eliminate excessive contemplation of online communication.

6 Ways To Unplug From Social Media

5. Get Back to Nature and Create an Offline Zone:

If nowhere, you can always expect to find some relaxing moments in the lap of Mother Nature. Develop a routine of waking up early in the morning so you can take a walk, walk on the green grass and inhale some fresh air. Forbid use of social media during breakfast, dinner and in your bedroom. With time, you’ll notice that phantom vibrations of your smartphone have stopped to haunt you!

6 Ways To Unplug From Social Media

4. Develop a Reading Habit:

A reading habit will sure divert your mind from social media networking, from excess of it at least. But this time you’ve got to get a book with real pages that you can turn but not tap! Yes, buy you a real book written by your favorite author and make sure it’s based on an engaging topic that you know will interest you. Once you have developed a reading habit, you would tend to read more books with more interesting stuff. Remember, any matter you get to skim through in a book will always be better than most posts or stories on your Facebook!

6 Ways To Unplug From Social Media

3. Sport Activities:

Any type of sport will serve the purpose, which obviously is to engage in more and more activities, stay away from social media for as long as you at your best can and clear your laden mind. In the beginning, you can go for calm and solitary sports, for you want to concentrate and control yourself from going online. You can try sitting games including chess and carom board. Eventually, move toward vigorous activities that ask for fluidity of movement. Indulge in activities like swimming and hiking or play games such as badminton and volleyball. Tired and exhausted, you would want to have rest and refresh your mind, and not get back to social media.

6 Ways To Unplug From Social Media

2. Take a Break:

Unplug from social media, go offline and take a break for some time. Though it may not be that easy, as well as logical, to take a break all of a sudden and disconnect from your friends and colleagues, take some time to do it. Start with giving social media lesser time than usual day after day. Set specific timings when you will be checking your notifications and social feeds on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Decide when you will check and respond to your emails every day. Once you are habitual of spending lesser time on social media, you can deactivate your chat and notifications and spend more time doing other activities.

6 Ways To Unplug From Social Media

1. Be More Creative:

Art is synonymous to creativity and has always been a way of rekindling one’s inner potential and skills. While Smartphones and social media are taking us far away from art and creativity, you can capitalize on this chance to make a comeback. All you have to do is get creative and work in your own way. Even though you may not have an artistic hand or mind, you can try to paint any random thoughts that come into your mind on canvas. Another wonderful way to divert your mind from social media can be amateur photography. Or how about doodling and taking time to draw sketches of nature around you! Keep giving anything that is connected to creativity in any way a try until it becomes a habit, authoritative enough to replace social media successfully.

6 Ways To Unplug From Social Media

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