6 Ways To Make Excellent Keyword Notes

9:43 am 23 Oct, 2013

Students often complain that they have learned everything well, but the data and information seems to escape their mind during exams. Parents and teachers are at loss as to how to help students retain what they learn, for that elusive success in their exams. The answer is keyword notes. Keyword notes help students in rapid revisions and enable them to take down maximum points during lectures. They are easy to make and can be made for almost every subject and topic. One has to be extra careful while making keyword notes, as it is essential to ensure that you make notes which could be followed quickly and is easy to assimilate. The idea is to transform your study notes into small stories using these 6 tricks so that revisions are quicker and more effective. Get cracking with those complicated chapters and see the magic key word notes can spin.

6. Use words that summarize the text well:

When you start with key world note making, avoid writing down unnecessary words like prepositions, articles or conjunctions. Choose words that are important to a definition or a concept which must be retained. Words that can trigger an entire paragraph leading to detailing of sections are the ones you should use for your notes. For example, if you are studying the Indian freedom movement, the words like non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi, Sepoy mutiny, Dandi march etc should be used along with the East India Company, British policy, divide/ rule or any other relevant word.

6 Ways To Make Excellent Keyword Notes

5. Do not choose unfamiliar words:

New words with which you are not familiar can be difficult to remember; hence it is better to avoid using them for your key word notes. It is not wise racking your brain trying to recall the keyword itself. Use words you are more likely to remember. You can even use words that may mean something else but trigger relevant thoughts in your head. For example, coffee may remind you of a specific bird and its chirp in the morning who accompanies you when you have coffee or black board may remind you of a particular mathematical equation. So don’t hesitate from forming your own unique key word notes based on your individualistic associations.

6 Ways To Make Excellent Keyword Notes

4. Create your own abbreviations:

Memory cannot hold all data, so it’s important to use tools to remember loads of specifications. Abbreviating difficult but important phrases, equations or formulas can work wonders for the memory and retention. You can twist a current abbreviation to mean something else. You can even abbreviate an entire definition in about 5 key words by just using the beginning alphabets of each. VIBGYOR standing for the colors of rainbow is the best example for this.

6 Ways To Make Excellent Keyword Notes

3. Use different colored pens to segregate matter:

Take advantage of a human tendency to remember snapshots of pages, especially if it is colorful and has certain highlights. While making notes, use different colored pens so that those facts written in green, red, blue, pink or any bright color gets etched in your mind as it is. As a result, you may forget a certain definition but remembering that it was written in the top most section of the page in red may trigger a certain word, which could remind you of the whole definition.

6 Ways To Make Excellent Keyword Notes

2. Use arrows, plus, minus signs and other symbols to communicate:

It’s important to make your key word notes short so that you can remember a whole chapter in about a page or even a paragraph. Using symbols such as plus, minus, multiplication, alpha, circles, squares, arrows etc., help in making your notes short and crisp. This also makes it visually easier to understand your notes and quicker to remember.

6 Ways To Make Excellent Keyword Notes

1. Create Mind Maps:

Mind maps and flow charts are useful in making short notes for revising what you have already studied in detail. Known as the spider diagrams, mind maps surround a single word or text placed at its core, from which concepts ideas and words flow. The outmost area is covered by least important topics. Mind maps can be drawn during a meeting or lectures to take down important points which can be further elaborated in detail.

6 Ways To Make Excellent Keyword Notes

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