6 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

9:16 am 8 Oct, 2013

Most of the modern day illnesses and chronic diseases are related to the maladaptive lifestyle followed by today’s generation. Making tiny changes here and there and adapting a healthy lifestyle can not only increase the quantity of life, in addition it will enhance the quality of life to a great extent. If you try to do a lot in a short time, you will be overwhelmed by the huge task in front of you and may end up giving up even before you begin. Begin with the least tough task on hand; the positive result of which can boost your confidence. Considering the faulty lifestyle followed by people, especially of the city dwellers, the list of corrective measures would be limitless, but here is the list of 6 ways that can have a great impact on our health.

6. Get adequate sleep:

Partying late in the night, watching television, internet surfing and many other modern lifestyles have invaded our sleep time in a great way. Inadequate sleep is causing weight gain, stress and reduction in cognitive processing, besides being cause of many major chronic illnesses. One of the negative effects of not getting enough sleep is the increase in levels of the hormone cortisol, which interferes with the glucose metabolisms taking place in our body. This directly causes weight gain. Before embarking on fad medicines and diets, you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day to lose weight. Keep in mind that not just the quantity but the quality of sleep is also important for keeping you fit and healthy.

6 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

5. Adopt the glass in half full attitude:

Stress and anxiety is not caused more by the way we look at the problem than the problem itself. People consider problems to be stepping stones, eye openers or cause of worry and stress due to their outlook towards facing it. Adopting a healthy and positive attitude towards life increases the body’s immunity against diseases, which in turn can improve your overall health. It also helps to keep stress away, which is the main cause of psychosomatic disorders. Negative thoughts can have direct effect on the performance of an individual leading to failure and adding to stress; thus creating a vicious circle.

6 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

4. Give boost to your relationships:

Man is a social animal; being with family and friends is one of the basic needs of humans. Spending quality time with family and friends empowers people emotionally and helps them to deal with problems of life with more confidence. Involving loved ones in the agenda of making lifestyle changes is a good strategy, as there will be less people to lead you astray. Personal relationships with people who follow unhealthy lifestyles can always be a deterrent to your plan. Having friends and family involved in new activities makes the goings-on more interesting and filled with fun and laughter.

6 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

3. Avoid unnecessary stress:

Procrastination is the best friend of anxiety, stress and panic attacks. Be organized, plan your activities and manage time to avoid stress causing deadlines in your life. Stress when grows in proportion can lead to sleep deprivation, eating disorders and other illnesses which can cause more stress. Some people are known to overeat when they are under stress. Identify the cause of stress and tackle it head on powerfully. Popping pills, smoking or drinking is not a right answer to handling stress effectively. In fact add kicking bad those bad habits to the change you are about to make. Meditation, deep breathing exercises and yoga are known to be great stress busters.

6 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

2. Eat smart:

Watch out what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat. Everything counts as a healthy eating habit. Treat the processed food, sugar, soda, over the counter medicines, oily food and fast food as your enemies; on the other hand you can treat green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, and whole grains as your friends. Drink plenty of water and juices. Do not skip breakfast or any important meal of the day, because eating on time will not only help weight management, but reduces stress, improves mental functioning and prevents craving for those unhealthy snacks throughout the day. Eat your supper as early as possible.

6 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Sweat it out:

Do whatever it takes to break sweat and give your cardiac muscles a good workout. Walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics or playing sports are all good exercises which can improve your health when pursued consistently. Joining a workout program at gym will provide enough motivation to be there on time and stick to a regime. Sedentary life style is high contributor to chronic illness among people. Regular exercises increases metabolism, builds strength, burn calories and keeps you fit. Exercises improve not just physical fitness but contribute a lot towards mental health as well.

6 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

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