6 Ways To Feel Happier At Work

9:16 am 3 Sep, 2013

Are you one of those people who eagerly look forward to Friday and whine over Monday, because you do not enjoy going to work? No matter whether you like it or not, people have to work, there is no escape from it. Most of the waking hours of an adult are spent in work place; in fact, on average an employee spends nearly 1,00,000 hours working during his/her lifetime. That is long period to spend being unhappy. So today you can make a choice, whether you want to enjoy your work and be happy, or be stressed, unhappy and underachiever at your work place. Happiness or unhappiness is not a condition, it is a choice.  By following these simple tips, you can make a difference and feel happier at your work place.

6. Anything well begun is half done:

Starting the day by being late to the office and feeling stressed is the first step towards being unhappy with your work. More often, when you are in a hurry, you are likely to leave behind something important like the project on which you worked so hard overnight. Wake up early, have a soothing shower, groom yourself and dress to kill. Check out everything you need and leave with a smile on your face. Punctuality begets respect. Be at your work on time or a bit early. Stress free beginning for the day is the first step towards being happy with the work you do throughout the day.

Anything well begun is half done

5. Be open to receive and give feedback:

Learn the skill of communicating with your boss, subordinates and colleagues to create a happy environment in your work place. Take lead and start communication whenever necessary, instead of waiting for the other person to take initiative. By receiving and giving feedback regularly, you will know how much success has been achieved, as well as, where you need to put in more effort. Communication also helps to recognize where change is needed, in addition, you can place your ideas for consideration. Never hesitate to tell your boss about the tasks you enjoy doing and what area of work stresses you out.

Be open to receive and give feedback

4. Make the right choice:

Unhappiness with your work stems from picking the wrong career or organization where you work. Never take up a job that you are not comfortable doing, because, having a right job is necessary for your happiness and contentment not only at your work place, but also at home. The organization you work for should be able to earn your trust and respect. You should feel proud to be a part of the group and its achievements. Never base your career choice on the paycheck, because happiness does not align with the amount of money you make.

Make the right choice

3. Promote growth:

A challenging job that allows you to learn new things will keep boredom away.  Doing your work monotonously leads to tediousness, which can make you feel that you are stuck in a rut. Accomplish things differently; be innovative and creative with your ways. People love to reach the limits of ability and grow further from there. Be in control and take charge to promote your growth at the work place. Be motivated with the purpose of your job and how it is benefiting other people. Be proactive, learn new skills and never hesitate to step in new area to check out how others in the company do their job. It is OK to ask for guidance and help from colleague when you feel you cannot understand something. Remember, ‘The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life’.

Promote growth

2. Never bite more than you can chew:

Biting off more than you can chew will not only lead to problems with your boss due to incomplete work, moreover, it leads to stress, discontent and misery at the work place. With failure to complete the task on time, you come with excuses which at times make your employers look at you with disdain. Be organized by managing your time smartly. Never volunteer for something new, if you already have incomplete work on your hand. If you genuinely feel that the workload is more than you can handle, discuss this with your boss or any other responsible person, who can guide you with a way out.

Never bite more than you can chew

1. Build up good relationships:

Man is a social animal, thus, relationships with other fellow beings matters everywhere, including the working environment. No matter what position you hold, your relationship with your fellow beings contributes a lot to your happiness and success. Friends are not to be found, but to be made with your efforts. Be approachable and reach out to people. If you like to hear good things said about you, then say good things about others and appreciate them genuinely. Learn to differentiate between flattery and appreciation as flattery often has negative effect on people. Finally, decide and make a choice to be happy with your work.

Build up good relationships

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