6 Ways To Entertain An Intellectual

6:19 am 22 Oct, 2013

Intellectuals are gifted people whose life is ruled more by the mind than by the heart or emotions. They have high sense of natural curiosity, owing to which they dedicate most of their life time in pursuance of knowledge for its own sake. When you are given the task of entertaining an intellectual, it will be steep uphill task as they are quite pragmatic, and employ rational thoughts to activities happening around them. As you know very well, pragmatism and rationalizing does not go down well with entertainment. But you can use their intellectual specialty to your advantage to entertain them in these 6 different ways.

6. Ask them to explain the show:

An intellectual cannot be entertained by magic, tricks or movies just like most of us do. The unique way to make an intellectual enjoy a magic or trick would be ask them, “How do you think they did it?” Be prepared to have that favorite show of your ruined for you, but nevertheless the intellectual will have fun time explaining the logic behind the magic and tricks to you. The same applies to movies. Instead of being happy watching the movie, an intellectual will actually try to explain how it was made or worse how illogical some things in the movies are. You may end up not enjoying the movies or magic like before, but you will have entertained the intellectual to the core.

6 Ways To Entertain An Intellectual

5. Talk about Trivia:

Be careful when bringing up the topic of trivia with intellectuals because they have so much of random information in their brains they are dying to share it with someone, that you may just get flooded and drowned in the trivia. This is one sure way to an intellectual entertained. Often intellectuals do not get enough encouragement from listeners when they begin their tirade about different or at times irrelevant trivia. Being a good listener and interested in trivia can keep the intellectual happy and entertained for a long time.

6 Ways To Entertain An Intellectual

4. Cross word puzzles, Math games:

Since intellectuals take pride in being the know all, they love to find answers for the crossword puzzles and word games, especially if someone is watching them or showing interest in their activity. Gifted people or intellectuals often have a large vocabulary, an excellent memory and great problem solving skills. Though most of the people would get bored or confused with crossword puzzles and word games, an intellectual will not only enjoy the challenge but may solve the whole puzzle in no time. Some may have high giftedness for math and numbers. You can have a bunch of math puzzles which have been troubling you for years to both entertain the intellectual and put your mind to ease, finally. Don’t try Rubik cube because it could be solved in few minutes.

6 Ways To Entertain An Intellectual

3. Debates:

Debates are the lifeblood of intellectuals, as they do not believe or accept anything presented to them for its face value. The famous quote by Margaret Thatcher ‘I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that’s not their job’ fits like a T to intellectuals. Before you embark on this strategy to entertain an intellectual, be prepared to lose, because an intellectual insists on having a last word in. If you want the debate to go on for a long time, just put two intellectuals together in the room and set off a topic for debate causally. Watch how they enjoy the mental stimulation they derive from debates though it may have a competitive and one-man up ship involved in it.

6 Ways To Entertain An Intellectual

2. Chess:

Chess is not just a game intellectuals love, furthermore is has been found that chess aids in intellectual development in people, especially the young minds. The strategy involved in the game demands great concentration and intelligence from your mind which is cherished by smart people. Chess without proper challenge can get boring, so take tips about the game if needed from the intellectual. One of the striking characteristic of an intellectual is being helpful and impressive by giving you tips how to do things right. By playing chess with intellectuals you may not just entertain them, but may be you will end up as a better player than you were ever before.

6 Ways To Entertain An Intellectual

1. Give their mind a challenge:

As intellectuals often learn more quickly, deeply, and broadly than other children in their age group, they often lack challenge in school or college. Whereas connecting the dots and solving a problem could be a challenge to us, it will be just another routine activity for an intellectual. They don’t have to reach deep to solve simple challenges, hence they crave for mega-challenge to their very smart mind so that they have to put some extra effort and reach out to those elusive grey cells to get them working again.

6 Ways To Entertain An Intellectual

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