6 Ways To Be More Organized In Your Daily Life

3:00 am 4 Jan, 2014

Some people cannot believe that they get 24 hours to spend every day. They are often running out of time; since, in their lives, times does not seem to tick, but rather fly at high speed. When people do not have enough time in their lives, they will not have good relationships, money or friends in their lives either. This is often the consequence of being disorganized in their everyday life. Being organized involves clearing both your desk and your mind of the clutter that has collected there in years. Take out some time from your busy schedule to unwind yourself and be more organized in your daily life with following effective ways.

6. Never bite off more than you can chew

When you try to do too many things at one go, you will end up not doing any of them accurately or appropriately. Prioritizing things and making selective choices as to what you want to do first will be the first step in getting yourself organized. Plan your activities for the day by calculating how much time you will require for them before making any further commitments. It is always good to say no to a person, than failing to turn up or not do the assigned task to later come up with weird excuses.

6 Ways To Be More Organized In Your Daily Life

5. Get yourself a planner

Get yourself a simple planner that will give you an idea of what you need to achieve for the day. Take care to see that the planner will show your schedule and important assignments for the day at a glance. Using graphs or colors to highlight things that need your immediate attention will fetch better results. Take care to see that the planner is compact enough to be carried around everywhere. It will not serve the purpose lying somewhere under the files or under your blanket on bed.

6 Ways To Be More Organized In Your Daily Life

4. Give your day a great start

Everything well begun is half done. Start your day on the right foot. This can be done by getting out of your bed on right time. Freshen up by getting under a hot shower. Do not skip on your breakfast, because you need those calories to keep you going for the whole day. Dress to kill and start your work with confidence and a smile.

6 Ways To Be More Organized In Your Daily Life

3. Keep things where you can find them

Designate places for your keys, coat, pens, mobile, and other handy things, so that you will know where to find them. Not finding that important file, keys or other important articles will not only waste your time when you search for them, but will upset and frustrate you, spoiling your mood for the day. Find a tray where you can keep the things you will need when you leave home. That way you will not forget anything.

6 Ways To Be More Organized In Your Daily Life

2. Make list of to do’s

Make a list of the things you plan to do for the day, so that you tick them off once done. The list will not just keep you aware about the things that needs to be done but also works as an encouragement when you see those tick marks you have got on it. You can have different lists prepared for the day, the week, month and the year. Preparing a list of to do things will allow you to ponder over your priorities and make your choice. It also helps to concentrate on a single task at hand and then to move on to the next one without them interfering with each other. Do not give up if you cannot accomplish everything you plan to do. Look at what you have achieved in a day, and plan to better it the next day.

6 Ways To Be More Organized In Your Daily Life

1. Stop Procrastination

Procrastination starts with pushing the alarm into snooze mode when it is time to get out of bed. Stop it there and never allow it creep back in your day if you’re seeking to be more organized in your mundane activities. Nothing messes up your day like procrastinating does. Be one step ahead and finish off tasks on hand before the deadline. If you are planning to stop wasting time on internet, mobile or any other activity that is preventing your productivity, do not postpone it for tomorrow. Start off right away. Once you realize the power of ‘Now’ you days will begin to get organized automatically.

6 Ways To Be More Organized In Your Daily Life

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