6 Ways To Overcome Sleep Disorder

7:02 am 3 Dec, 2013

After a hectic day, our worn out body deserves a peaceful, refreshing sleep to help us rejuvenate and revitalize ourselves. Unfortunately, for some people sleep is elusive even after counting thousands of sheep every night. If the condition is temporary, then it can be ignored as a passing phase of some disrupted routine. But if sleeplessness continues, than you better take care of it immediately; because insomnia or sleeping disorder can turn into a debilitating illness. You will wake up feeling dull, unmotivated, physically weak and emotionally disturbed day after day. If you are one of those unlucky people who is struggling to overcome sleep disorder, here is 6 ways to achieve your goal effectively without resorting to pills.

6. Pay attention to your bedroom:

No other place in your room has as much effect on moods and health as your bedroom. Pay some attention to your bedroom, so that you can sleep peacefully without disturbance. If you are being disturbed by some noise or light, try to cancel them out by some means, so that it will not interfere with your sleep. Also keep your bedroom cool, because no one can sleep peacefully when they all sweaty and hot. Use proper repellents that will keep mosquitoes and others insects away.

6 Ways To Overcome Sleep Disorder

5. Watch your intake after sunset:

Caffeine and nicotine can drive away your sleep; hence, avoid taking them after sunset. Heavy meals can cause acidity and reflux which will never allow you to sleep peacefully. Eat whatever you like for breakfast or lunch, but watch out your last meal. Though alcohol does not stop you from falling asleep, it will not allow you to have quality sleep.

6 Ways To Overcome Sleep Disorder

4. Do not carry anything to your bed:

If you’re struggling to overcome sleep disorder, you need to keep your laptop, tablet, phone and worries away from your bed. Once you start using your bed for other activities apart from having sex and sleeping, it will start disturbing your sleep. Do not hit bed when you are in pain. Take care of your headache, backache or sprains before you go to sleep. If you are in pain, you may not be able to sleep; and even if you do, the quality of sleep will be very poor.

6 Ways To Overcome Sleep Disorder

3. Stick to a sleep pattern:

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday to build a sleep pattern. Sticking to a regular sleeping schedule will support your biological clock to adjust to a rhythm. Do not change the timing even during weekends when you want to sleep longer into the day. Once you sleep late into the day, you will have trouble falling asleep in the night and the whole scenario of sleepless nights and dull days will start repeating itself.

6 Ways To Overcome Sleep Disorder

2. Regulate melatonin:

Not many people are aware that they can regulate the production of the hormone melatonin which is responsible for sleep-wake cycle in our body. It is quite simple. Daytime is for you to be in light and night is for dark; you have the clue from nature staring at you. If you are not exposed to bright light during day, you may start feeling sleepy, similarly, if you are exposed to bright lights in the night you may find yourself wide awake.

6 Ways To Overcome Sleep Disorder

1. Relax:

Stop all activities like work, watching television or eating at least an hour before you go to sleep. Have a hot shower and feel fresh. Spend some time relaxing through meditation, breathing exercises or light music at night. Drink warm milk which is known to induce sleep, but never add sugar to it. If you want to read, try a book which will not excite you. Do not lie down on an unkempt bed. Shut down your brain from wandering off and doze off to happy sleep. Falling asleep in a state of relaxation will help you keep the nightmares away as well.

6 Ways To Overcome Sleep Disorder

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