6 Ways To Handle A Friend Who’s Falling For Your Boyfriend

7:00 pm 23 Apr, 2014

Open any “survival strategies” column in any magazine, you’re sure to get at least two queries related to a boyfriend/bestie link-up every day. And, no matter how much you crack up at those, these are actually very important issues that demand a caring solution —after all, you’d never want to lose either of them. Besides, this might happen with everyone; even you. Hey! Don’t fret—we’ve got a perfect list of solutions for you that’d allow you to keep a check on your friend who’s chancing on your boyfriend. Here you go—

6. Two Is Company While Three Is Crowd

This is a universal crowd, and the earlier you let it be known to your friend, the better it is. Whenever, while going out for partying or clubbing or for dinner, your mate wants to tag along, explain it in very sweet words (devoid of any visual jealousy) that the table is booked for two, or all the arrangements are done for two, etc. It’s better if you can tell it in crisp words that you want it to be a private, cozy affair. If she has got the least bit of grey matter in her head, she’d definitely get your point!

Ways To Handle A Friend Who’s Falling For Your Boyfriend

5. Indulge In PDA—It Works!

We understand that you’re not the PDA type girl, but if you want your best friend to understand that she’s coming way too close to your boy friend, you’ve gotta indulge in a bit of PDA! Okay, we’re not asking you to start kissing your BF in public, but whenever you sense a bit of closeness on your friend’s part, simple holding you boyfriend’s hands or resting on his shoulder would do the trick! In this way, you can quietly make her understand her position without having to involve you in any heated argument.

Ways To Handle A Friend Who’s Falling For Your Boyfriend

4. Don’t Share Much About Your BF With Her!

Okay, this might sound odd, but you should stop sharing all that your boyfriend did or said with your bestie. Some people have a tendency of sharing even the minute details of the private moments spend by them together with their best friends. While we understand their feeling of loyalty towards their friends, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your love-life for such a trifle issue. Besides, private things are intended to keep away from public, so Shhh!

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Ways To Handle A Friend Who’s Falling For Your Boyfriend

3. Don’t Let Them Be Together When You’re Not There

Many a times, I have been told by my friends that when they don’t feel like talking to their lovers or when they’re too tired, they shove their phones into their room mates’ hands. And, needless to say, quite many of them lost their lovers to their roommates or best friends! Although it generates some amount of laughter, it is indeed a grave issue. If you’re boy friend is understanding or caring, he would definitely understand your unwillingness to talk every time; so in case of such issues, talk it out politely with your boyfriend and stop giving the phone to your room mate. She might provide proxy for you in college, but not in this matter. Think twice!

Ways To Handle A Friend Who’s Falling For Your Boyfriend

2. Stop Fretting

Well, it’s a common thing for a girlfriend to fret when she’s finding it difficult to tackle her good friend or bestie from falling for her boyfriend. But dear, can fretting or shouting it loud on anyone of them stop everything? It might just provide her with the signal that you don’t trust your boyfriend or are jealous of your friend cracking up jokes with your boy friend. So, stop fretting; keep calm and love your boy friend more everyday!

Ways To Handle A Friend Who’s Falling For Your Boyfriend

1. If Everything Fails, Confront

After adhering to all the above written points, if you still find your best friend hooked up on your boyfriend, let yourself know that this girl isn’t as straight as you thought her to be. In that case, talk it out with your boy friend, and confront her face to face. If she’s got the least bit of sense, she’ll stop coming into your way, and if she’s not, she’s not worth to be your friend.

Ways To Handle A Friend Who’s Falling For Your Boyfriend

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