6 Unspoken Rules Of A True Friendship

9:21 am 9 Dec, 2013

Friends are like music in your life, you can’t do without them. Without friends it would be like living on an island alone. They add spice to your life, and make it worth living. We cannot choose our family, but we can choose our friends. Friendship is a two lane road, you have to bend some and you will have to love some. Be honest, be yourself and true friends will stick to you like birds in a bush. Remember when you make the rules you can’t break them. Here are some basic things to keep in mind when dealing with friends.

6. Friends are not paper towels:

Never gossip about one in their absence. Do not be that friend that dumps her useless husband or boyfriend on her friend all the time. Sometimes fine, always, shows you in bad flake. Taking a trip on the wild side never hurt anybody, but making it an endless trip can get you into trouble. It is your responsibility to not let your friend look bad knowingly that includes spinach in teeth, stain on dress. Be there at a time of crisis just make sure your friend isn’t always in the middle of one. There’s no need to be clingy or needy. Give breathing space to each other.

6 Unspoken Rules Of A True Friendship

5. Sisters Before:

This is the girls equivalent of the boys, but it stands true for all. You might be dating the woman of your dreams or your prince charming; you should still take out time for your pals. It’s never okay to ditch your friends for a date. Never fight over a guy, it’s never worth it. They come and go, but true friends stick together, like ducks in a pond. Old friends get the benefit of doubt over new ones, until they mess it up. In all probability they never will.

6 Unspoken Rules Of A True Friendship

4. Do not steal friends, steal love:

As a rule if a new friend is introduced, the introducer dare not be ignored. In the process of increasing social presence, the friend finds out that they have no time for her. While you’re sitting at home texting, your best pal and the new pal are doing the things you used to do together. It’s ok when people meet and become buddies on their own, but when they meet someone and cut you out, that’s super uncool.

6 Unspoken Rules Of A True Friendship

3. Take turns at sharing, and not just cake:

Ideal friendship means you are an all weather friend – Someone who comes to mind instantly, when in trouble or in love or in the labor room. Equal initiative is taken to meet, pick up the bill and do activities together. Never ever take each other for granted, and remember this is not an equation from algebra, you can never be 100% equal all the time. Be ready to share the limelight, tolerate psycho husband, and step back when they receive attention. Be warned if your mom is your friend, you need to be careful of what you share with her, about your friends. No matter how old you are.

6 Unspoken Rules Of A True Friendship

2. Ex are off limits, forever:

How would you feel if your friend who knows all your funny and sad stories of the past, dates the guy whose the main hero of those stories? There may be exceptions, but let me tell you even if they tell you it’s okay, deep inside it never is. Remember you helped her pick her outfit for their first date and also told her what not to say. This is territory you should not enter.

6 Unspoken Rules Of A True Friendship

1. Be honest, do not be dummy:

Your friends need to know that they can trust you to practice what you preach and always be truthful. It maybe painful at times, but no point sugar coating when you’re with friends, especially at critical times be honest to the core, but loving at the same time. But then you’re not their mommy or daddy, so don’t even try to be one. Honesty is great, but don’t tell she’s looking fat, when she already tried everything in the wardrobe.

6 Unspoken Rules Of A True Friendship

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