6 Tricks to Impress the New Girl Next Door

11:02 am 7 Dec, 2013

Unless you are a movie star or the heartthrob for girls, impressing the new girl next door can be an uphill task. It’s tough to gauge the likes and dislikes of a girl whom you have known for long, leave aside someone who has just arrived next door. Then, how should one move ahead? Approaching someone new and unknown is challenging, but there’s lots of ways to get around. There’s plenty of ways that can wow the girl next door. Out of the two thousand ways in which you might want to impress her, here are 6 tricks that have often worked well. Check them out as given below.

6. Impressive Introduction

Greeting a new person with politeness and gratitude is the right way to begin. It’s an asking task to go ahead and greet the newly arrived bombshell in your neighborhood, but it’s all about making the hay when the sun shines. While she is still new to the surroundings and requires a helping hand, you can make a place for yourself in her heart. It just requires a few of your encouraging words and some help; rest fits in place itself.

6 Tricks to Impress the New Girl Next Door

5. Calling for Dinner

There is nothing better than calling her up for a dinner to your house, provided she approves of you as a friend at the first place. If you get a friendly nod from her, treat her out on dinner at the nearest restaurant one with a romantic ambiance. Nothing could be better if you can also invite her to get her family for the dinner.

6 Tricks to Impress the New Girl Next Door

4. Poetry always works

Most females have a keen sense for poetic words, no matter how distant from reality she is. It may not be difficult penning down some lines in her praise, and reciting them with certainty will make her feel even more special. In addition, beware of stealing famous quotes and poetic lines from her favorite romantic fiction series (maybe Mills and Boons) as this can be a big turn off for her once she realizes they’ve been copied. Girls love originality and this is what you should yearn for especially when trying to impress her. You can share your feelings while walking with her (of course her dog will be following you from behind) on a romantic windy evening.

6 Tricks to Impress the New Girl Next Door

3. Her Pet Must Be Your Concern from Day 1

Girls normally share a strong bond with their pets if they have one. If you show even a bit of concern for her little puppy, things can blossom out for the good in future. Girls generally represent varied kinds of likes and dislikes in comparison to guys and hence, must be treated differently. For them, their pets (be it dog or cat) are their life and if you can care for them, nothing is better. But, you must not look too synthetic and thespian in doing so.

6 Tricks to Impress the New Girl Next Door

2. Befriend Her Younger Brother

Girls are very protective by nature and take good care of their family. Therefore, it’s best considered to befriend the younger brother of the girl next door, if she has one. This is the easiest way to learn and track more details about her. But, it’s important you don’t express your secret motive to her brother, as even the slightest of to them can ruin all your chances, despite having the best intentions.

6 Tricks to Impress the New Girl Next Door

1. Gifts can do the Magic

There is rarely a girl on this planet who doesn’t like gifts. The fairer sex is penchant for gifts and hence, you must consider seriously if want to impress the girl next door. However, you must know what interests her the most and then decide the choice of your gift. But, you must not limit yourself to just chocolates – be more creative with gift ideas. It’s advised that you accompany her for shopping and gift her with a nice dress and surprise at the end of the day. But, just make sure the dress fits her well and matches her taste.

6 Tricks to Impress the New Girl Next Door

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