6 Tips For Maximizing Fun Over New Year Celebrations

9:53 am 6 Dec, 2013

Usher in the New Year with a bang.  The clocks symbolize the transition that occurs at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. It is that time of the year when we want to be surrounded by family and loved ones. We look for warmth and care. It is a time to celebrate the year that has gone by and to introspect our achievements and failures. To make new resolutions and be determined to keep them this year. More than anything it is a time to celebrate, to have fun and enjoy. So, here’s telling you 6 tips for maximizing fun over New Year Celebrations. Take a look.

6. Confetti Invitation:

We simply love the idea of confetti-filled invitations. They can also be passed out as party favors! They’ll certainly come in handy when the clock strikes midnight. Everyone likes getting mail, the old way. Send out actual invitations to your party. Real invites are also much tougher for people to decline. Be bold and ask your family and friends to bring a crazy noisemaker. Have an on the spot contest of whose the “craziest.” Shoot a video and share it online. Have the crowd vote and find a winner. Have a crazy prize waiting. At midnight create the biggest noise possible and wake the neighborhood.

6 Tips For Maximizing Fun Over New Year Celebrations

5. Bubbly toast:

Add some fun to the countdown toast. Stick numbers the champagne glasses, and have them lifted with the countdown. For unique table décor go totally glam with glittery gold and soft petal pink. Also, set out cute cards at each place setting so that guests can devise and write down their New Year’s resolutions your don’t have a clock you can show off, don’t stress, go to any of the online countdown sites. Project the numbers on the wall and have fun. Or do it the old fashioned way and switch on your telly. Refill everybody’s glasses before the clock strikes.

6 Tips For Maximizing Fun Over New Year Celebrations

4. Fondue:

Don’t do anything usual this year. Have a fondue New Years Eve. Fondues are a great idea to share with friends and family. This is the perfect occasion to enjoy a memorable meal. This idea will rock the party and will not cause any stress to the host and hostesses. You can serve all kinds of variety and take care of everybody’s taste and choice. Best of all you can offer something to please every taste and preference. Fondues are best had by gathering around a table with your forks ready. Be creative and dip your favorite fruit, or garnish in the pot. Like tradition goes if you lose it in the pot, then you kiss the person on your left. Plan a midnight brunch and be ready to welcome the first day of the year together. Serve small portions of finger food and family favorites like toast and eggs and chocolate.

6 Tips For Maximizing Fun Over New Year Celebrations

3. A Photographer and an In-House DJ:

Ask one guest to serve as the “official” photographer to take before and after photos, or do it yourself. As guests arrive, invite them to pose. Remember to take after midnight pictures of your guests, share them online Make a list of your favorite songs, and create a playlist. Choose songs which suit all moods of the party.  Have one of the guests or hire a Dj to create a shuffle list to rock the party. Don’t reach early for the party. It’s in fashion to be late. The party will be at its peak at midnight so ask the guests to do the same.

6 Tips For Maximizing Fun Over New Year Celebrations

2. Family pajama party:

Make a selection of all special family videos or a list of favorite movies that the whole family will want to watch together. Shop for snacks, even ones that are usually forbidden – Cook a one pot meal or any of your family’s old recipes. And eat it together in the living room. Plan a family evening; spend time watching home videos, movies or just playing indoor games. Spread the love by sleeping together in the drawing room, in your favorite pajamas and blankets. The whole family sleeps together and welcomes the New Year.  

6 Tips For Maximizing Fun Over New Year Celebrations

1. Make a good luck cake:

Making Vasilopita (New Year’s Cake) is a Greek tradition. This cake is baked in the day with a coin or charm hidden inside it. The head of the family is given the honor of cutting the cake at midnight. The person, who receives the piece with the coin in it, is said to have a lucky year. It is a great idea to do something together with your kids. And welcome the New Year with a sweet treat.

6 Tips For Maximizing Fun Over New Year Celebrations

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