6 Things To Do In Case Of Vehicle Fire

11:00 pm 23 Dec, 2013

Though most vehicles (cars and buses, especially) are designed for easy and safe transport and seem fully reliable, their interiors are quite messed up with complex combustion engines, intricate electricity wiring and highly flammable fuels and liquids around. In a way, they have inbuilt risks to spark a vehicle fire wherein their design and operative style often play the catalysts! Here are 6 vehicle-fire safety tips that may go a long way in snuffing the fire out when your vehicle is ablaze!

6. Signal Quickly and Move to the Shoulder Lane

Your own car or someone else’s vehicle on fire is probably one of the most frightening sites one can ever witness. Not only is such a scene terrifying but also involves huge personal threat to the vehicle on fire, its occupants, onlookers and other vehicles around, still or moving. Even though every incident of vehicle fire will have unique situation and aspects at the time of mishap, there are certain general implications that apply to almost all such cases and should be practiced at the earliest. So, when you are motoring along a roadway and your car has caught fire, the first thing you are supposed to do is stop immediately. Give quick signals to express your intentions before you get onto the breakdown lane.

6 Things To Do In Case Of Vehicle Fire

5. Turn the Engine Off

One can barely remain composed and act sensibly in such situations, and most of what people do just happens off the cuff. Still, you need to remember that in most cases the first sparks of fire get converted into wild flames simply because of the engine left on. So, immediately after you’ve pulled to the roadside, turn off the ignition. Turning off the ignition will stop the gasoline from flowing and shut the electric current off. Since you would never want your vehicle to move once you’ve left it, the next move will be to set the emergency brakes. Also, don’t forget to close the hood, for it might fan the fire by letting in more supply of oxygen if left open.

6 Things To Do In Case Of Vehicle Fire

4. Take Out All the Occupants

Once the vehicle has been parked on the breakdown lane and engine turned off, don’t take too much time to get out of the vehicle. Take all the occupants out of the car as soon as possible and make sure everybody moves to a safe distance from the vehicle, preferably 100 feet away. It can be highly dangerous to touch extremely hot hood and the worse, chemicals releasing from different burning parts can be toxic to your internal parts including lungs. Try to convince your family that it’s useless to try to put the fire out on your own. Then any efforts

6 Things To Do In Case Of Vehicle Fire

3. Call for Emergency Fire Help

When you think everyone is away from the vehicle and safe, call fire professionals straight away, so that they can arrive on time. If you’ve dialed 911, the fire department will be able to respond only after the dispatcher has notified them, so, it’s no use wasting time! Though someone might have called for help on seeing a vehicle on fire, it’s on your part to ask for emergency help. After all, you cannot take things for granted when your own car is on fire. Call the emergency number of the fire department in the locality where the mishappening has occurred.

6 Things To Do In Case Of Vehicle Fire

2. Maintain Appropriate Distance from the Burning Vehicle

Here, presence of mind, if at all you are able to employ it, will play a vital role in terms of keeping the traffic around you in mind, making your movement among rushing vehicles safe, keeping everybody together and above all, not going very close to the burning vehicle yourself and preventing others from doing the same. In such cases, commotion created by scared people and hastily flashing vehicles can be more dangerous that the fire itself!

6 Things To Do In Case Of Vehicle Fire

1. Let Firefighters Do the Job

Never try to return to the burning car and make sure no one is attempting to extinguish the fire, especially in the absence of the right equipment. With gas, oil and other liquids leaking from the vehicle, fire can be highly tricky and dangerous and even fully guarded firefighters need to struggle to overcome it. You can, however, leave the rest on the firefighters once they are there on the spot, since they are specially trained to tackle all types of fire cases including vehicle fire.

6 Things To Do In Case Of Vehicle Fire

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