6 Things A Man Can Never Guess About An Average Woman

6:33 am 9 Nov, 2013

Men have been trying to understand women from quite some time now, but to no effect. As the saying goes that ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus,’ stands correct as there is still a long way for men to truly understand what an average women really wants. This is true especially when it comes to the routine interactions involving topics such as clothing, eating menus, household chores, etc. And despite the fact that sometimes the signals get crossed between women and men, it’s probably going to remain the same forever. So here is a list depicting 6 things a man can never guess about any women!

6. They say “they have no expectations,” when they have great expectations:

Men just want to go with the flow and do not really spend their time thinking much. They’re ok with almost anything; they do not want to get involved with all the complaining part and do not even ponder over the smallest of discussions. This makes women feel that men are not interested in their talk and say that they (women) expect least out of them (men). However, the reality is that women actually have great expectations from you, which if not met on time will lead to their ultimate reason of being disappointed. You have been warned. Ponder a little on what she might possibly be expecting from you.

6 Things A Man Can Never Guess About An Average Woman

5. Often ask “am I looking pretty?” and expect you to repeat a thousand times “you look perfect”:

This topic can perhaps take an entire article. However, it is actually the time and effort that a girl puts into dressing herself up and all that for a simple compliment and all men need to do is understand that. Just like any other human, they want to listen it from their man that they look good. It’s easy. Whether you find her the most beautiful woman in the world or not, is a different story. If she is not that sexy, she probably knows that. But, dare you make feel like she is not the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful woman on the planet.

6 Things A Man Can Never Guess About An Average Woman

4. “I can do a thousand things at once, why can’t you?”:

This aspect of women is by far no less than a mystery for men to understand. They fail to understand how women manage to perform multiple tasks at the same time. The definition of multi tasking for men involves eating popcorn while watching a match or a move, that’s all. It is very uncommon for men to juggle along with five tasks all at the same time. What amuses men is how women manage to perform so many tasks at one time that too with utter perfection.

6 Things A Man Can Never Guess About An Average Woman

3. Despite a closet full of clothes they always proclaim “I have nothing to wear”:

Any woman does not literally mean that they do not have anything to wear, but what they mean is that they do not have anything good to wear at that moment. Women are very fond of dressing up, especially when it comes to celebrating occasions. If they do not find an outfit complimenting the occasion, it is then that they say that they do not have anything to wear. There is indeed a very subtle, but a very important and valid difference.

6 Things A Man Can Never Guess About An Average Woman

2. Put on high heels, only to complain all night “My Feet Hurt So Bad”:

Women all over the world are mad over heels. They purchase heels because they not only look good, but also because heels compliment their dress undoubtedly. Though heels look good, they also hurt terribly. Men need to understand that women can never compromise their looks even if it hurts them and therefore should silently extend their support to them.

6 Things A Man Can Never Guess About An Average Woman

1. They Say “I’m Fine,” when in reality they are not:

There are certain situations when women get upset because of you. They want you to realize your mistake without having them pin point it at you. It’s just as simple as that, but men don’t even understand this simple logic. After any argument, every woman wants to sit down and ponder over the entire situation, and explain what is actually bothering them making them upset. It’s only her expectation to make you realize your fault which often turns the other way round.

6 Things A Man Can Never Guess About An Average Woman

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