6 Superquick Ways To Remodel Your Bedroom In An Hour

11:01 am 7 Feb, 2014

Your bedroom is your personal space that reflects your own interests and characteristics. This is the place where you will be spending nearly 35% of your life. It will reveal a lot about you to a keen observer. Though you have modeled your bedroom keeping all your needs and aesthetic taste in mind, it can get boring after sometime. This is when you decide to remodel your bedroom, but often it can be time consuming as well as expensive. If you are smart, then you can remodel your bedroom in an hour without having to spend a fortune on it. Just try out these 6 excellent ways of remodeling your bedroom.

6. Clear the clutter

Though your bedroom needs just some basic furniture and appliances that can give you a good night’s sleep; over the time you tend to collect the clutter in the bedroom. It soon turns into your dining room, work place and a library. Just find the unwanted things you have in your bedroom and send them back to their respective places. It will give your bedroom a more tidy and spacious look.

6 Superquick Ways To Remodel Your Bedroom In An Hour

5. Change the color

Painting is one of the cheapest and quickest remodeling you can do to change the appearance of your room. You would be surprised to know that there is yet another cheaper way to change the color of your room. Choose a color theme that you find comfortable with. Buy bed sheets and curtains to go with the theme. Now find the lamp shades or bulbs that will blend your walls with your color theme. Voila! You have changed the appearance of your room without much hard work.

6 Superquick Ways To Remodel Your Bedroom In An Hour

4. Make it more comfortable

At times the placement of things can be bothersome, especially if they are in your bedroom. Just imagine leaning over your better-half to reach for that blaring alarm every morning or stumbling over a stool while groping for a light switch on your way. Uncomfortable, isn’t it? Place the bed, bedside table, clock and chairs where you feel comfortable with them. Though, this may not seem to be a big deal, it does make a whole lot of difference to the comfort you experience in your bedroom.

6 Superquick Ways To Remodel Your Bedroom In An Hour

3. Give it the artistic touch

Hang some of your choicest paintings, family photos, wall hangings and other artistic work on the walls of your bedroom that may appear to be dull. If you love your walls plain without clutter, just pick the best of your collection to decorate your bedroom; however, make sure that it is something that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel happy to look at.

6 Superquick Ways To Remodel Your Bedroom In An Hour

2. Go for new linens

Go on a shopping spree and find yourself new sets of linen and if possible a carpet to give your bedroom a new look. Pick something in contrast to your previous bedroom accessories. Do not compromise on your comfort while picking up beautiful linens, because good sleep and sweet dreams are more important than beauty of your bedroom. Go for natural fibers like cotton, flax, or silk so that you can have their added advantage of high absorbency and porosity which ensures that you sleep comfortably.

6 Superquick Ways To Remodel Your Bedroom In An Hour

1. Add something new

Add something new to your bedroom, because now you have created enough space by clearing the clutter. Find a beautiful vase which can hold fresh flowers to give your room the fresh feel. Add a book shelf, dresser or relaxing chair for your comfort and relaxing time. Just don’t go overboard with new furnishings, because it will again lead to clutter.

6 Superquick Ways To Remodel Your Bedroom In An Hour

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