6 Skills You Develop After Becoming A Press Reporter

5:00 pm 27 Dec, 2013

Landing up as a press reporter is one of the hardest thing to do. You’ll get to write your creativity down to full flow, but there’s a lot to be accomplished before that. From shopping around stories, to tasting investigative journalism, to assembling your findings into a coherent whole, self-grooming is the mantra of the trade, and one that takes years and years of persistence.

Moreover, journalism has become more challenging, technically and commercially. With ever changing media models and formats, journalism, much like other career options is about professional survival.

What you learn in the process and the skills you acquire are precision, sharpness, eye for detail, and effective communication (written or verbal). Other skills that you develop as a press reporter are given below, check them out.

6. Stick to the Point

Reporting is a no-nonsense job. You learn to look at everything objectively. From condensing and expanding speech when demanded, to sensing if a story needs refreshing or re-capping, press reporters have the skill to know how many words fill a minute, without keeping track of how many seconds are ticking on the clock. Sharp, blunt, relevant, and witty – these are just a few adjectives that describe the skill sets of reporters.

6 Skills You Develop After Becoming A Press Reporter

5. Hold Your Head High

You are a press reporter now. Much like a cop, you’ve an invisible power that can make someone a hero or destroy someone’s reputation in one day. This power comes with responsibility and if misused, you might end up being a lame blogger who has neither a readership nor advertising dollars.

6 Skills You Develop After Becoming A Press Reporter

4. Learn to Shut Your Mouth

Not everything you know is backed by hard facts. So, you just need to live with that. If you learn that a minister is corrupt or your editor has a political master, the best you can do is resign and vent out your frustrations on your blog. It might work. It might not. Suit yourself. It’s a political world in its own quaint sense, and always brining the truth to public light may not prove to be in your interest.

6 Skills You Develop After Becoming A Press Reporter

3. Understand the Art of Story Telling

People do not read news because they care about the world (or you). They do so to entertain themselves. So, you’ve got to do that part right. Even the most mundane piece of hard news will sell if you could cook up a story, correlate facts and best still, evoke emotions. Think for a minute, what strikes the best cord with small children when you wish to teach them things – the more in involves story-telling, the more quickly they learn.

6 Skills You Develop After Becoming A Press Reporter

2. Be a More Social Person: Gather Information Everywhere You Go

It’s hard to be a loner and a journalist. There’re news bytes on Twitter, Facebook and other me-too blogs and forums but the best way to gather information which is actually spicy or not readily available in public domain is to be a more social person. Broadening your circles will not be difficult, you’re a journalist, people would always want to make use of you. But, what matters is how well you use them.

6 Skills You Develop After Becoming A Press Reporter

1. You learn to differentiate News from Propaganda

You know now that more than half of the stories in a newspaper are merely there to further someone’s agenda. It’s not news. It’s propaganda. Press notes are published verbatim, politicians are (mis)quoted or even dumbest of the people are presented like heroes. It’s your pen, which is mightiest, and if your opinion matters, you know when to create news and when to promote propaganda.

6 Skills You Develop After Becoming A Press Reporter

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