6 Silly Habits That Make You A Bad Person

9:30 am 26 Nov, 2013

Bad habits are born to stress and boredom. Coming from such parents, you can be sure that they are not going to do any good to you or your life. Most of the bad habits you acquire over the time may make you appear like a bad person even to those who love you, as the tinted glasses of love do not last forever. There are no actions without consequences, and the consequences of bad habits are never good. Quit these 6 silly habits that make you a bad person before they start to distance you from the people you care about.

6. Lack of good manners:

Good manners are one of the most underrated things of the world. Though good manners can make a lot of difference in your life, making it easier and dignified; not many give much thought to it. Realize the value of golden words like, please, excuse me, thank you and you are welcome. Bad manners like touching people while talking to them, interrupting their sentences, staring, pushing to get ahead and many others will clearly put you down as a bad person.

6 Silly Habits That Make You A Bad Person


5. Extravagancy:

Living within your means is one of the greatest life skills you can develop. It is never too early to teach children the value of money management, no matter what you economical status is. If you are extravagant and selfish with your own pleasures, it may lead to pain and suffering for everyone around you. Extravagancy will lead to debts which becomes a vicious cycle where you take more loans to pay-off older debts. The mounting interest rate will slowly gobble up a large portion of profits. Extravagancy is never alone; it is accompanied by lies, cheating, unpaid debts and sleepless nights.

6 Silly Habits That Make You A Bad Person


4. Ignoring Social Etiquettes:

Nothing can be grosser than a person scratching in public, though talking with mouthful of food comes close. Many people observe what they say through their words, while they are totally unaware that their bad body language is giving wrong messages. Learn your people manners and use them effectively, because you owe it not only to yourself, but to the community you are living in. Ignoring social etiquettes can make others believe you are not just a bad person but also someone who they should not be seen with.

6 Silly Habits That Make You A Bad Person

3. Drinking more than you can manage:

Social drinking is acceptable in many cultures, but when drinking gets out of hand, it leads to lot of economic, legal and relationship problems. Under the influence of alcohol, many people lose touch with their perception, thinking, and emotionality; hence, they do not realize they are hurting people, especially those who are close to them. Though the party life and alcohol could be very tempting, the cost is never worth it. Eventually, heavy drinking can break your body and mind to an extent from where there is no turning back.

6 Silly Habits That Make You A Bad Person

2. Tardiness:

Tardiness, if left unchecked can turn into a chronic disease. An attitude of carelessness and complacency is not taking you anywhere but into the bad books of people involved with you. You have to know that many people value their time, so never waste it unnecessarily. Keeping people waiting is a way of showing disrespect to them. Professionally, tardiness can put your career on line. Though initially people are willing to listen why you are late, in course of time even your genuine reasons like meeting with an accident will be ignored.

6 Silly Habits That Make You A Bad Person


1. Lying:

The small lie told by you as a child in fear of punishment, may grow into the most irritating habit you can ever develop. Once you start down the road of lying there is no stopping, as one lie leads to another. The addiction of lying is much stronger than drugs or alcohol, because it is always available to you for free. The comfort of escaping from the consequences of telling truth can be very luring; so much that it may finally turn into a fallback mechanism you adopt quite often. Though it may appear not harmful, lies are deceptions and breaking of trust of people. Be honest, as truth cannot be hidden forever.

6 Silly Habits That Make You A Bad Person

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