6 Ridiculous Things Rahul Gandhi Has Said

8:12 am 19 Nov, 2013

Rahul’s lack of intellect has always been a subject of hot debate in the Indian political diaspora. Despite being in the thick of things and serving the Congress ranks for the past decade or such, the Congress Vice president and scion of the all powerful Gandhi family, seems too juvenile especially when addressing the common masses. His detractors label him as ‘Buddhu’ for all the goof-ups he is involved in, whether over the mike, or otherwise. Controversies come naturally to him, as does the lack of knowledge about the way India lives. But all is worthy for this 40 plus ‘young’ Gandhi in the eyes of Congress sycophants.

6. India as Computer and Congress as Default Program:

Only a software techie could have made sense of what Rahul Gandhi implied by his statement made while addressing thousands of NSUI and Congress workers. Saying if “India is a computer, Congress is its default program” implying the importance of the grand old party in India’s politico sphere was hilarious to the core. Rahul baba seems to be surfing too much internet or playing non-stop video games on his desktop these days.

6 Ridiculous Things Rahul Gandhi Has Said

5. Congress is a Funny Party:

Lamenting at the state of affairs in his own party, Rahul called Congress as a “funny party.” Labeling the largest political organization in the world as ‘disorganized’, he exclaimed vociferously (literally so) that Congress lacked proper regulation. For him, Congressmen believe in breaking their own rules, every single second. Maybe, he was speaking the truth, but such statements are better within the closed corridors of 10 Janpath.

6 Ridiculous Things Rahul Gandhi Has Said

4. We Are a Beehive:

Twitterati came abuzz as soon as Rahul came up with the ‘beehive’ goof-up. Addressing the CII Annual General Meeting, the grandson of Indira Gandhi, compared India and Indians to a beehive against the traditional comparison of an elephant. As always, the evaluation lacked any logic, but it seemed that for him a beehive is more powerful than an elephant and hence, India is a superpower. Rahul has always gone astray with his speeches! And, this comparison is by far the most memorable one we have in this list.

6 Ridiculous Things Rahul Gandhi Has Said

3. India is 21st century Saudi Arabia:

Drawing up a serious face, while throwing up words that you yourself can’t lay bare, is an art in itself. And, if you consider his as a magic, then Rahul Baba stands the greatest of all magicians, the world has ever seen or will probably witness. His speech writer back stabbed him when he drew parallels with the rising of India in the 21st century to match that of Saudi Arabia’s in 20th century. For him, India could be the driver of world economy with its huge pool of human resources (vastly untrained) as Saudi did with oil in the previous era.

6 Ridiculous Things Rahul Gandhi Has Said

2. Poverty is state of mind:

His quoting that poverty is a state of mind was a mockery of poor India. The statement was as deadly as Malcolm Marshal’s bouncer hitting the naked head of batsman. In a country where inflation and poverty make up the fodder for every political discussion, here is a gentleman who considers, poverty is just about state of mind. For him, an adivasi in jungles of Jharkhand can do away with his craving for food, just thinking, he is rich and resourceful and even start leading a cool life. He did Italy’s Nero with the statement here, didn’t he?

6 Ridiculous Things Rahul Gandhi Has Said

1. Escape velocity:

With this statement Rahul Gandhi really put his own dirty feet into his own mouth. Using ‘escape velocity’ as an analogy to explain about the socio-economic roadblocks encountered by dalits in India, he only mocked at the seriousness of the issue at hand. Motivating or should we say de-motivating them to break the shackles of caste based discrimination through attainment of Jupiter’s escape velocity from Earth was a puzzle in itself, which only Junior Gandhi could demystify. But, he surely deserved a Nobel for Physics for the comparison – didn’t him?

6 Ridiculous Things Rahul Gandhi Has Said

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