6 Reasons Why People Should Prefer To Give Way To A Lady Driver

11:00 pm 17 Sep, 2014

Jokes have been rolling out about women drivers since the day women decided to get behind wheels. Even though not many women would agree that women are bad drivers when compared to men, no one can argue that women don’t madly fall in love with their cars like men do. As though they are under a pledge, women drive only for the sake of transportation and nothing else. If a woman is behind the wheel, then there is a strong motive driving her there. For them any vehicle is just a tool to get to a destination rather than something to be toyed around with.

When people do prefer to give way to a lady in the driver’s seat, the reasons could vary from being gentlemen to giving in to rising panic that she may harm your precious vehicle. Let us have a look at ½ a dozen reasons why people should prefer to give way to a lady driver when they hesitate to do so for emergency vehicles.

6. Women Drivers Are Threat To Your Precious Toy

Many men try to take their vehicles as far away as possible from women drivers fearing that they may harm their precious toys. Women on the other hand, do not mind such small skirmishes as long as they finish off the task on their hand. They may not even notice a scratch or two until someone points it out to them. When a woman is driving towards her mission, be it grocery shopping, visiting a friend, picking up children from school, or being there for her family in need, it is better to give way and take your vehicle as far away from her as possible.

Women Drivers Are Threat To Your Precious Toy

5. Your License To Be A Gentleman

Not many people have accepted women drivers with grace. They have been looked down upon with contempt by fellow motorists so often. There are countries which prevent women from driving any vehicle at all. In such a milieu when you step aside to give way to a woman driver, you will be not just a gentleman but somewhere close to being a knight in shining armor. Your instant reward will be a bright smile thrown your way. You had your driver’s license, now the license to be a gentleman will be added to it.

Your License To Be A Gentleman

4. She Will Always Win The War Of Words

Most of the time women drivers do not speed away on the road; hence there is little chance that they will be demanding you to give way to them. This would happen only in crowded areas, junctions, or when the woman is angry with someone or something which may increase her driving speed. If you by any chance you deny to give pass to the woman and it ends in an altercation words between you and her, be sure that she is going to win the war of words. No matter whether you bumped into her or she bumped into you, she will always win the war of words. You can never prove that you could not jump in front of her all of a sudden with all your driving skills, she will prove it with her tenacity.

 She Will Always Win The War Of Words

3. She Has Support

Do not look around for sympathy from fellow motorists if you have ended up with an accident or argument with a lady driver. Everybody is going to throw accusatory looks at you while she gets all the sympathy. The women motorist may consider you a monster, whereas other people may look at you as though you were the silliest species to ever ride a vehicle. Who gets into trouble female drivers anyway other than someone very mean or very silly? So better be on the safer side and give her a pass.

She Has Support

2. Benefiting Your Own Kind

Many a misogynist has said, “I love women; as long as they are not behind the wheel”. Even though you may feel that you are doing service to the women folk by giving a lady driver a safe passage, in fact you are doing great service to your own kind. When women would not take to wheels, men had to take them to visit their friends and relatives, shopping, or pick up their Mother-in-law from station before sunrise on a Sunday morning to name a few activities. Not to mention all the free time taken up for dropping children to school, activities and games. With women gaining confidence to drive, men can enjoy time watching TV, drinking beer or having fun with their friends when their better halves are independently carrying on their tasks. Isn’t it worth respecting and encouraging women driver in every possible way?

Benefiting Your Own Kind

1. Different Faces Of Women Drivers

When you peer in through your rear mirror, you may see a woman driver, but what you may not see is the different faces of the woman behind that wheel. It could be a menopausal woman, woman driving to hospital with labor pains, nursing mother, a woman who is having her worst PMS ever, or a woman who did not want to get behind the wheel, but had to due to demands of life. You will never know what could set off a woman when you don’t give way to her; hence to be on the safer side, just allow her pass you by.

Different Faces Of Women Drivers

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