6 Reasons Your Dog Is More Loyal Than Your Friends

10:01 am 21 Nov, 2013

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They are better companions than humans and this is a fact any dog owner will vouch for. Their loyalty is unquestionable and there have been many famous stories of dogs acting selflessly and loyally to their owners and even their animal friends. If you are skeptic and don’t believe that dogs can be better friends than humans or if you think that the only reason dogs are loyal is because they get food from humans then read on to know some reasons why dogs are better than humans at friendship.

6. Your Dog will never betray you:

Your friends can betray you many times over and you might not even know it. As humans they have the capacity to lie and deceive and manipulate to get their own way. But dogs are constitutionally incapable of doing all this. They don’t have their personal motives in mind and even if they do their motives are simply to get fed and loved. You can rest assured that your dog will never cheat on you or betray you to anyone else. You can count on your dog.

6 Reasons Your Dog Is More Loyal Than Your Friends

5. Your Dog will never lie to you:

Another human trait that dogs don’t have is lying. Your friends might be very close to you but you can rest assured that they don’t tell you everything. We humans have created something known as white lie and we think that withholding information is not lying. So even your best friend might not always be telling the truth to you. But your dog will always be honest and never lie or pretend to be something it’s not. Your dog will always try to show you how much it loves you and you can believe it’s the truth.

6 Reasons Your Dog Is More Loyal Than Your Friends

4. Your Dog will Never Judge You:

Dogs don’t judge you for your success and failures. They don’t care whether you are rich or poor, fat or thin, ugly or beautiful. But humans care about these things and as much as they try to be non judgmental, everyone has prejudices. Your dog is the only one who loves you for who you are. You can be totally yourself with your dog without any fears of being ridiculed.

6 Reasons Your Dog Is More Loyal Than Your Friends

3. Your Dog will Always Forgive You:

If you hurt your dog, unknowingly or deliberately, it will always forgive you. Dogs don’t hold grudges while your friends might say they have forgiven you but they’ll always remember your mistakes and hold it against you. Your dog has a short term memory and it will forget about your mistakes in just a few minutes. If you are angry at your dog and screaming at it, it might hide away in a corner but it will come back to you the moment your mood changes. As a side note, this doesn’t mean that you can treat your dog in whatever way you like. Such a trusting and honest creature should be treated with respect and unconditional love.

6 Reasons Your Dog Is More Loyal Than Your Friends

2. Your Dog will Always Depend on You:

The fact is that when someone depends on you they have to be loyal to you. Your friends will never depend on you and you truly don’t want friends that depend on you too much as it is not good for either party. But dogs are happily dependent on their owners and it’s natural for them. This is one reason that skeptics think that dogs are faithful for. But instead of taking it as a negative point you should take it as a guarantee that your dog will always be loyal to you. Sadly humans don’t come with such guarantees.

6 Reasons Your Dog Is More Loyal Than Your Friends

1. You will Always be the Best Friend of Your Dog:

One thing that differentiates your friends from your dog is that your friends might find new friends and forget about you but your dog will always have only you as its friend. Even your best friend might have his own best friend but your dog’s best friend is you and it will always be that way. Even if your dog gets friendly with other animals or humans, it will always love you more than everybody else. You can count on a dog in all these ways that you can’t do with your friends. That’s why dogs are man’s best friends.

6 Reasons Your Dog Is More Loyal Than Your Friends

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