6 Reasons Why Bankelal Is Unintentionally Funny

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11:00 pm 29 Aug, 2014

Our childhood would have been boring if not for the various comics that engulfed our days and nights. The favorites of everyone varies from Chacha Chaudhary to Nagraj, Tintin to Dennis the Menace. It is impossible not to recollect the memories of hiding under the blanket at night reading the unavoidable stories.

Such likeliness is shared for a popular comic series by the name ‘Bankelal’. Created by artist Jitendra Bedi and published by Raj comics, the character Bankelal is often referred to as the ‘Comedy Star of Comics’ or ‘Hasya Samrat’. What about him is so funny? Let’s together recollect our memory of this beloved character.

6. Bankelal’s Funny Evil Actions

This comic series is one of those few whose plot was different from the rest. Bankelal, wishes to dethrone the King of Vishalgarh. To make his dreams come true, he conspires against the King, who remains aloof of Bankelal’s ulterior motives. The manner in which he digs for ways to kill the king, is hilarious and an element that every reader looks out for.

Reasons Why Bankelal Is Unintentionally Funny

5. Buck Teeth

The stories are funny, for sure, but what is equally funny is Bankelal’s appearance. He has a moustache akin to Charlie Chaplin and buck teeths that pop out the minute he is his evil self or laughing. The pink attire donned with a blue waistband adds on to the humour in his appearance. Don’t miss the way his eyes turn to one corner while giving that sheepish smile.

Reasons Why Bankelal Is Unintentionally Funny

4. Kar Bura To Ho Bhala

Poor Bankelal’s mischief resulted in him being cursed by Lord Shiva, when he put a frog in the glass of milk his mother had offered to the Lord. This mean act of his led to the curse with which he had to lead his life. Under this curse or boon, whatever wrong deeds are performed by him would result in benefitting the victims. The semi-evil Bankelal ends up appearing stupid as none of his plans of deceiving the King works out.

Reasons Why Bankelal Is Unintentionally Funny

3. Supporting Cast

The plot of this comic series starts with the intention of Bankelal finding out some secret of the King which he wants to use against him, however, it would stay incomplete without the contribution of the other characters. Be it the various sages (whose names suggest what they do such as Rishi Gussacharya and more), some evil characters to perform his evil tasks, demons or his horse Chetak, his parents Nanku and Gulabati etc., they all add the element of humour in the story. The perfect collaboration of all such unique characters makes each title of Bankelal interesting to read.

Reasons Why Bankelal Is Unintentionally Funny

2. Titles

I have to admit that the Bankelal series have some amazing yet funny titles. Some of the names that came across to sound funnier than the story were ‘Laash ki Talaash’, ‘Peeche Pada Bhalu’, ‘Dard Puran’, ‘Jadui Kaan’ and many more. No wonder a lot of creative minds would be sitting around the table to come up with some hilarious combinations of words.

Reasons Why Bankelal Is Unintentionally Funny

1. Anti-Hero yet Hero

The blessed curse’s outcome rubs off a little on Bankelal as well, so even though for the reader he is an evil headed man hiding under the stupid faced persona, for the characters of his story little is known about this side of his. Only Prince Mohak Singh is aware of his evil side, where as the rest of the courtiers namely Mamantri, Prabandh Mantri, Senapati and others, are simply envious of Bankelal`s fame and fortune. This superficial fortunate guy, appearing to others, is another funny side of this comic series.

Reasons Why Bankelal Is Unintentionally Funny

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