6 People Who Gave Hinduism A Bad Name

3:00 am 23 May, 2014

It is a common saying that Hinduism isn’t just a religion; it’s a way of living! In spite of being the oldest religion in the world, the thoughts and vaani that are evoked in the Geeta are absolutely in tune with the modern time and lives. However, due to certain people who interpret religion in their own “sweet” ways, the religion and the benevolent truth that it expresses is genuinely jeopardized and hampered.

In this list, let’s go through the names of “important” men due to whom the religion is indeed blackened. Here we go—

6. Hardeep Singh, Rohtak’s Chorasi Khap President

That people cannot marry within the same “gotra” is really a passé now—it’s without any base really! But, thanks to some people and their age-old mentality, it is still regarded as one of the main requisites for Hindu marriages in certain parts of North India. In fact, honorable Mr. Hardeep Singh had gone a notch further when he expressed his vision of amending the Hindu Marriage Act and asked the Government to illegalize marriages not only within the same gotra, but within the same village as well.

In order to prevent this “blasphemy” they also indulge in repeated honor killings as well and that too, with much pride and pomp! It’s high time these people should understand that Hinduism genuinely isn’t so stringent. It’s a religion for people, and no chain!

People Who Gave Hinduism A Bad Name

5. Asaram Bapu

He’s one of the foremost saints of India who preaches the oneness of God and benevolence of Hinduism. And, what does this saint do in the name of religion and offerings? Simple; rapes women—even minors!

People Who Gave Hinduism A Bad Name

4. Swami Nithyananda

Here’s another imposter in the garb of a saint! That Hinduism is a non conservative religion and provides free rights to all can well be visualized through the flurry of saints and sadhus that are populating the country. However, let’s get back to the point: here we’ve got another self-styled Sadhu who proclaimed himself as none other than Lord Shiva and a female disciple as Goddess Parvathi. Well, his rubbish didn’t stop here—he even said that they should indulge in sex, a divine act of eternal procreation.

Did you know what this Guru’s favorite pastime was? He really ENJOYED lap dance from his female “disciples”!

People Who Gave Hinduism A Bad Name

3. Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj

His atrocities against women in the name of Hindu religion came out in the fore-front when a disciple of his came out with a book titled, “Sex, Lies and Two Hindu Gurus: How I Was Conned By a Dangerous Cult-and Why I Will Not Keep Their Secrets”. Here’s another Guru, who, following the footsteps of the other imposter saints, hit it off by holding innumerable sex operation programs in his Ashram at Austin, Texas.

People Who Gave Hinduism A Bad Name

2. Swamiji Pramukh Maharaj

No, he isn’t entangled in any scandals whatsoever, but what concerns us the most is that this “Bhrahmachari” is so steeped in his own religion that you would never find any woman around him—even in his temple. Neither a girl child nor an aged woman is to be found around in his ashram premises. Clearly, such stringency isn’t what Hinduism perpetuates—even a Brahmachari can have women around him; it’s just that he’s not to get sexually distracted by any woman. By keeping women off from the vicinity, isn’t he too provoking the seclusion of the females?

People Who Gave Hinduism A Bad Name

1. Kaliya Baba

If Pramukh Maharaj despises the presence of any women around him, Kaliya Baba is the exact opposite. It is only rarely that you’d find this Baba sitting amidst men. This perpetuator of Hinduism is all for the equality of men and women, so much so that he, donning the garb of Lord Krishna, loves to dance amidst his gopinis on a daily basis. In fact, he goes notches further as his only “public” demand from his female devotees is nothing but a “loving” hug! Yes, you got me right—a hug! How loving is it, you can watch it over here.

People Who Gave Hinduism A Bad Name


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