6 Non Veg Recipes A newbie Can Cook Easily

4:00 am 16 Feb, 2014

Cooking is an art that not only shapes a raw material but gives it a fine aura along with sensitizing the taste buds. A newbie who isn’t much interested in cooking for him or her it is a very tough task to cook anything. And that too if it is non vegetarian food then it is all the more complicated. Most of the cook books adjust themselves in the kitchen cupboard with the thick layer of dust. But still the result is zero and the fear of not able to cook keeps revolving around in the kitchen. Well to solve the most problematic issue of newbie, here I bring for you a list of 6 simple non veg recipes that will gain you applauds too. So let’s add a little excitement to the diet with the pinch of easy recipes for non vegetarian lovers.


6. Simple fish salad

Don’t worry as the name denotes it is a very simple recipe. You just need some fish along with your favourite thin sliced vegetables (raw). And add a pinch of salt, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Surprise!  The dish is ready and is also very healthy. If you want to give it a savoury taste a lemon juice will be a great add on.


Simple fish salad

5. Butter chicken

Yes! I know the mouth is watery. Butter chicken is a very famous Punjabi dish and not much exercise is required. All you have to do is to buy the chicken, add all the best Indian spices along with salt and good amount of butter. Well it gives it a special smell and taste. Butter chicken is nothing without onions and garlic’s, please don’t hesitate adding it up. Not only it tastes great but looks tempting.


Butter chicken

4. Classic chicken soup

Well the classic chicken soup is not only a good appetizer but it opens up the taste buds. The boiled chicken chunks, along with your favourite chicken and vegetable stalks and not to forget the black pepper and salt. It is very delectable and will also not leave your stomach empty.


Classic chicken soup

3. Spiced eggs

Eggs are the most famous non vegetarian dish in India and have captured a big market in rest of the regions too. It is a very smooth and effortless recipe along with the pieces of boiled eggs, the cooking oil and the combination of unforgettable spices. Mix them all together and you shall get a mouth watering dish on your dining table.


Spiced eggs

2. Fried fish

We all are aware of the goodness of the fish. It is good for your hair, skin and most important your eyes. And fried fish is damn simple to cook. Fried fish is very nutritious if cooked after marinating with curd and few great smelling spices. Only the odour of the fish and little extra oil might wrinkle your forehead but trust me it is worth it.


Fried fish

1. Scrambled eggs

Who can forget this? The most loved and easy recipe in the list of non vegetarian dishes. The key to prepare is whisking and if that is done well then it will come out to be fluffy. The three magic ingredients create a delicious tang. The eggs along with the cooking oil and black pepper sauté in a pan will be served in the vessel.


Scrambled eggs


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