6 Interesting Things About Roger Federer (Other Than Tennis)

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12:04 pm 10 Dec, 2013

In the history of tennis there have been grass court players, clay court specialist, and hard court specialist and then there is Roger Federer. Born on 8th August, 1981, he’s one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He started playing tennis at the age of six and has never looked back after that.

He has won 17 Grand Slam titles, breaking the previously held record of 14 by Pete Sampras. He holds the record for most men’s Wimbledon’s won at seven.  Also the record for most open era men’s US Open titles at five. He holds the record for most consecutive US Open titles at five. Y winning the 2010 Australian Open, he became the only male player to win three different Grand Slam tournaments for four times at the least.

He has a contract with Nike footwear and apparel. His jacket has a crest of tennis racquets. Nike has designed him a personal cardigan too. He also has a unique logo of R and F joined together.

His fans are always wary about knowing more about his personal life and here’s your chance. Take a look at 7 things you need to know about Roger Federer (and you probably didn’t know these):

6. Roger was a vegetarian:

When Roger was only 13 did he take his first ever entrance examination to “Tennis Etudes” and it was one year later that he started to take interest in non-vegetarian food. Up to the age of 14 Roger was a complete vegetarian, and now he thinks he likes just anything and can feed his hungry stomach on whatever food is available.

6 Interesting Things About Roger Federer (Other Than Tennis)

5. Roger Opposed equal pay for women players:

There’s always been a big controversy around equal pay to women players or not? Unfortunately, Roger Federer is also an opponent to any such equality. According to him the amount of time male players spend practicing in the field can never be compared by females and so the question of them earning equal pays in simply out of the question.

6 Interesting Things About Roger Federer (Other Than Tennis)

4. Federer 7th most prominent figure of Switzerland:

Amusingly, the world famous player whose name is known to every tom dick harry was voted only as the 7th most prominent citizen of Switzerland in 2012. According to polls from Google, Federer is only ranked 7th, which is lower than Bastian Baker, a singer from French Speaking region of Switerland. Winner of the German Talent show of 2012, Singer Luca Hanni also fared better than the world renowned Roger Federer.

6 Interesting Things About Roger Federer (Other Than Tennis)

3. Family and kids:

Federer is married to former tennis player Mirka Vavrinec. They met in 2002 while competing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Married in 2009, in the company of close friends and family, on 23rd July 2009, they became the proud parents of identical twin girls, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva. He holds the reputation of being a very well mannered and decent human being. Very little controversy has been ever reported about him. Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rosedale, Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods, are some of his close friends.

6 Interesting Things About Roger Federer (Other Than Tennis)

2. Roger Federer Foundation:

In 2003, the ‘Roger Federer Foundation ‘was established in aid of children in South Africa. The agency undertakes relief operations to provide food, shelter and other basic of life. He is a brand ambassador for UNICEF, currently working with the government of Haiti to provide water and sanitation facilities. He holds dual citizenship of Switzerland and South Africa.

6 Interesting Things About Roger Federer (Other Than Tennis)

1. His Love for Swimming And Houses:

Federer owns houses and luxury penthouses and villas in Dubai, Swiss village of Valbella, and in Wollerau, south of Zurich. He is an accomplished swimmer and is seen several times enjoying water sports. Spending time with his children is something he enjoys the most, due to time constraint of his busy schedule. He loves to drives fast cars and Mercedes-Benz is his favorite brand. He likes to go for a holiday to his homeland of Swiss Alps, whenever he gets a chance. However, he is an often visitor to Maldives and loves the weather there. Yachting in France with his family, is also his idea of a perfect family holiday.

6 Interesting Things About Roger Federer (Other Than Tennis)

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