6 Indian Cities To Settle In After Retirement

5:00 pm 7 Nov, 2013

All of us want to make life after retirement secured and relaxed. In India, most retirees can’t think of moving away from their fatherland and wish to live close to their family and children for the rest of their lives. But, whether that’s the case or not, what’s important is that each one of us keeps aside provisions for our retirement. And, if Budget permits, one can also settle in a new place that has always been fascinating. Most people prefer a place with a flexible weather, easy availability of quality healthcare facilities and immediacy to all basic amenities. Though the selection of desirable cities for retirement will depend upon the personal taste of the retiring individuals, there are some beautiful cities in India that make perfect setting for settlement after retirement. Mentioned below are top 6 Indian cities to settle in after retirement:

6. Dehradun:

The center of some top educational institutions, Dehradun is a beautiful city located between the Ganges and the Yamuna, the two most sacred rivers in India. The city lies on the base of the great Himalayan ranges, offering good healthcare facilities and connectivity to all the top hill stations in Uttarakhand. It is because of its fascinating landscape, moderate climate and affordable costs of living that Dehradun has emerges as a popular retirement destination.

6 Indian Cities To Settle In After Retirement

5. Pune:

With a total population of more than 4 million, Pune is one of the largest cities in the state of Maharashtra. Several leading software and IT institutions and companies are based here. The population is diverse and its nearness to Mumbai is one of the various reasons for it being a highly chosen retirement destination in India. In fact, the place has already been known as one of the best and oldest retirement destinations around the country. Also, the living costs in the city are lower as compared to Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. And now, Pune offers retirees everything from ideal civic amenities and good healthcare facilities to affordable residential accommodations!

6 Indian Cities To Settle In After Retirement

4. Coimbatore:

Coimbatore is a beautiful city in Tamil Nadu, one of the southern states of India. The place has been an attraction for retires from all over India in past couple of years. This city is in the middle of fascinating mountain ranges including the Nilgiris, and its proximity to Ooty, the world-famous hill station makes it a greatly occupied after-retirement spots. For the past so many years, Coimbatore has been a popular destination for retired defence personnel from across the country. Apart from its scenic geography and naturally tranquil environment, Coimbatore now offers good medical and hospitality services.

6 Indian Cities To Settle In After Retirement

3. Bangalore:

Bangalore, India’s IT capital, is a place where you find everybody around busy working most of the times. It’s a city where people are willfully getting into frantic work schedules and cut-throat competition, trying their best to outdo others! Keeping work environment and competition aside, Bangalore helps retirees find lasting peace of mind and this is why most of them prefer to settle down here after retirement. Here they have best hospitals, finest roads and quick connectivity to most other metro cities. After all, the city is home to India’s top software companies and offers way more than what one requires to just survive.

6 Indian Cities To Settle In After Retirement

2. Chandigarh:

Different from most urban locations in India, Chandigarh is one of the best places for the retirees to settle in. The place holds the reputation of being the first ever planned city of India. Chandigarh is capital of Punjab and Haryana, the two giant northern states, and has proximity to Himachal Pradesh, the state of beautiful hill stations having the best weather conditions. It has everything from finely designed roads, pedestrian plazas and streets to good sources of entertainment. Chandigarh offers best healthcare facilities and is well-connected to all major cities of the country.

6 Indian Cities To Settle In After Retirement

1. Goa:

Widely recognized for its cosmopolitan culture and fine climate, Goa is a highly preferred retirement destination for Indians as well as foreigners. Goa, the Portuguese colony earlier, is world famous for its beaches and is visited by countless domestic and international tourists every year. This is mainly because of its versatile climate and ideal location that the city is increasingly becoming home to retired Indians, NRIs and Europeans alike.

6 Indian Cities To Settle In After Retirement

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