6 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer

9:16 am 7 Oct, 2013

No one is prepared to hear those deadly words “You have cancer”. With more and more people surviving cancer, though it is not a death sentence anymore, the fear of cancer is still prevalent among the masses. Among the survivors of cancer are some celebrities who have helped in creating awareness in people about the prevalence of cancer and also spread hope about overcoming it. Celebrities have to face the additional burden of being in the public eye and hear comments being passed about their ordeal in media. Here is the list of 6 Indian celebrities who survived cancer and spread hope, in the glaring public eye.

6. Mumtaz:

The beloved bollywood beauty of yesteryears, Mumtaz has bravely fought and survived breast cancer of which she was diagnosed at the age of 54. She did not surrender herself to the strenuous sessions of surgery, chemo and radiation but picked herself and fought against the weight gain, fatigue and other side-effects bravely. 11 years down the lane, Mumtaz can still make heads turn around with her charm and beauty which she regained by following strict exercise including swimming, visits to gym, healthy diet and positive attitude. In 2010, Mumtaz featured in the UniGlobe Entertainments documentary on cancer survival ‘1 a Minute’, with other international stars who had fought and survived cancer.

6 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer

5. Anurag Basu:

Most of the people would identify Anurag Basu as the talented director of Barfi. Not many know the brave heart who had fought an acute promyelocytic Leukemia (a type of blood cancer) in the year 2004, the year his first daughter Ishana was born. Doctors gave him two months to live when he was diagnosed during the filming of Tumsa Nahin Dekha. The verdict did not shake the strong man who went ahead as though he was control and even gave instructions for the completion of the film from his hospital bed. He also wrote scripts for ‘Life in a Metro’ and ‘Gangster’ during this ordeal. After chemotherapy and medication of three years, Basu went ahead releasing critically acclaimed films that did well on Box Office too.

6 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer

4. Namrata Singh Gujral:

Namrata Singh Gujral is an Indian American actress who is Sikh by faith. In 2008, the 32 year old young woman heard the dreaded words that she had breast cancer. Luckily the cancer was detected in the early stages which gave her an advantage in the fight with the dreaded disease. Namrata is the president of the UniGlobe Entertainment which is renowned for its docu-drama ‘1 a Minute’.  She has taken the initiative to make use of her production company’s platform to spread awareness and join hands to fight against breast cancer. The film released in over 600 theatres marked the directorial debut of the young actress.

6 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer

3. Lisa Ray:

The stunningly beautiful actress who shook the nation with the high-cut swimsuit in a commercial was diagnosed with multiple Myeloma in 2009. Lisa fought her battle with cancer away from the peering eyes of media. After winning her battle, Lisa came out with her story and shared her experience with people. In 2010, Lisa bravely announced to the world that she was free of cancer after the successful treatment involving stem cell transplant. Apart from creating awareness, advocating cause of cancer cure, working on her career, Lisa Ray married a management consultant Jason Dehni in Napa Valley in California proving to the world that cancer could not intimidate her nor stop her on the tracks.

6 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer

2. Manisha Koirala:

The beautiful actress with captivating smile who won hearts with her powerful performance in bollywood movies was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 42 years. She fought bravely against the disease in a New York hospital. She boldly posted her pictures during chemotherapy, not shying from the hair loss she suffered as a side effect. She is moving ahead with positive attitude and has requested her doctors to allow working and shooting for films even when the chemotherapy was going on. She has promised to use her celebrity status and her own struggle with cancer to inspire and spread hope among the people fighting the battle against cancer.

6 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer

1. Yuvaraj Singh:

Yuvaraj Singh treated cancer in no different way than he treats the balls thrown at him by the bowlers. Indians have not mourned the news of cancer as they did when their star all rounder announced he was suffering from a rare type of killer cancer. Amidst prayers from family, friends and fans, Yuvaraj successfully battled serinoma, which had caused tumor growth between his heart and lung. In the book ‘The Test of My Life’, Yuvaraj writes about his experience dealing with cancer. After receiving Arjuna Award, Yuvaraj made a comeback to cricket by playing Twenty20 match against New Zealand. He has been responsible for many people seeing hope beyond the diagnosis of cancer.

6 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer

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