6 Habits You Don’t Realize Are Making You Broke

11:42 am 5 Dec, 2013

Have you always been short of money? Do you never have enough money to pay utility bills or shivers run down your spine the moment someone says ‘let’s go Dutch!’ at a gathering? Well, chances are you’ve been a victim of some habits (that you aren’t probably aware of) that have been scrounging off all your cash, leaving you broke and financially miserable! No one is perfect is a popular saying that has born the tests of time. Whether we openly admit the fact or not, almost everyone of us has a few bad habits, if not more. People may have problems admitting to their weaknesses, but the truth of the matter is that failure to acknowledge it can only act as a spoilsport in the long run. However, if you want to make a name for yourself and really ‘do something,’ working on bad habits is an advice to heed. Continuing with these habits can make you more prone to risks of life and force you to drop permanently in a dark well that’s built up with no escape route.

6. Over Critical:

Playing a critical character in the crowd comes naturally to some; being over critical, however, can backfire very easily. A critic may find many followers for sharing his bold judgement with others, but incorporating the habit in your everyday way of life can be suicidal. Really! It’s therefore very important you realize your limitations well before, this habit breaks you up completely. Once you become too critical of the circumstances in which you are leading your life, certain negative feelings develop inside which bog you down and make you blind to all good-things-around-you! The result? You can’t keep a job, impress your team members or get a raise. The negativities multiply and ultimately, you’re left with those last few dollar bills you are shit-scared to part away with.

6 Habits You Don't Realize Are Making You Broke

5. Living on Credit:

Since the day concept of plastic money hit our lives, we have lost the meaning of maintaining fiscal discipline entirely, well almost. Ask those who now have dozens of credit cards in their wallets. We don’t mind buying a product with credit cards without even considering our paying potential. This leads to accumulation of debt later, forcing many among us to go bankrupt finally. Yes, bankruptcy, foreclosures etc. – all that is REAL! Most of the candidates living with an impaired credit history owe the reason of the financial default to this bad habit of living on infinite credit. It’s better to live on ‘less’ when means of income source are limited.

6 Habits You Don't Realize Are Making You Broke

4. Lying about Everything:

If you remember Jim Carrey playing the role of a liar in the blockbuster ‘Liar Liar Liar,’ you won’t be asking me back what I am planning to discuss. Today when fake self-esteem and inflated egos have taken over the masses completely, lies come naturally to us. We lie for just about everything. And, to hide our past lies, we end up completely losing the track somewhere in future. If you are not making a million a year, why would you want to show off to your college buddies that you are? Why would you buy a jacket that costs 2 grand when you earn that much in 6 long weeks! Be yourself. Don’t lie.

6 Habits You Don't Realize Are Making You Broke

3. Window Shopping:

For a shopper, there is nothing comparable to the joy of scanning the shelves and browsing the aisles of a shopping store. It stimulates a feeling of excitement within, the kind that can send some adrenaline jitters up your spine. However, window shopping is a bad habit of sorts, which can force you to buy things you can’t really afford. In case, you manage to do away with the craving, the suppressed desire can give you sleepless nights. Ask a friend who has been broke lately. He’ll tell you how awful the feeling is!

6 Habits You Don't Realize Are Making You Broke

2. Being in the Company of People who are Richer than You:

Do you have friends who make 5 times the money each month you make? Well, if that’s the case, you ought to limit your friendship to Facebook, phone calls and a few meetings a year. If you hang out with them like every-weekend, you’re going to spend a great deal of your money on drinks, smoke, pizza and all other stuff you should have never spent your hard earned money on.

6 Habits You Don't Realize Are Making You Broke

1. Live-In-the-Moment (Hell with Financial Planning):

This is the worst habit that can make you broke and keep you that way until you say goodbye to the life you call miserable and unfair. Living in the moment or ‘sucking the hell out of life’ does not imply that you underestimate the importance of planning. Financial planning is a must for each person over the age of 20 (just to be fair). Do not blow away all your monthly income on drinks, parties or trips. Develop a habit of saving some cash each month. You can never plan for unexpected expenditures and therefore, it’s advisable to just have a backup of some sort!

6 Habits You Don't Realize Are Making You Broke

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