6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

9:20 am 19 Nov, 2013

Indian history has always left us puzzled and bewildered, especially when it comes at filtering out cowards from the brave race. Maybe, improper and inaccurate categorization owes its ‘own’ history to the ‘history-writers’ whose credibility comes with a question mark. Despite this all, and our history being much distorted, we do have names of some who qualify as cowards. In fact, the numbers are huge, much larger than you must have first thought of. But, of the long list, here are top 6 greatest cowards in Indian History.

6. Rajaraja Chola III (Ran Away from the Battlefield):

Chola Empire was always known for its brave rulers and vast territory. Brave rulers such as Rajendra Chola, who is known for his brave battle front stories, took birth in the dynasty. But, no one could have imagined that the once powerful Chola dynasty will see a tragic end with Rajaraja Chola III who as the last in succession lost his capital to Pandya King Jatavarman Sundara after fleeing away from the battle field.

6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

5. Ramagupta (Agreed to surrender wife to Sakas):

Ramagupta is often portrayed as a coward and impotent king from the Gupta dynasty in the history books. Ramagupta and Chandragupta were brothers in relation and were besieged at fort of Alipura by the Saka enemy. Research done by historians such as A S Altekar and KP Jayaswal, suggests that Ramagupta had once agreed to surrender his wife to the enemy. Later, Ramagupta received death at the hands of Chandragupta.

6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

4. Afzal Khan (Strategized to backstab Shivaji):

Afzal Khan was a medieval Indian commander loyal to Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur. He was known to be a cunning military general who didn’t mind trying every trick in the trade to kill his rivals. But, he ultimately lost his life after getting trapped in his own wisely strategized sly plan. He invited Shivaji to his tent in Pratapgad on pretext of some meeting. The rules of the meeting asked both to be unarmed. But, Shivaji was aware about the wicked plans of Afzal and wore a metal armor underneath his clothes. As per customs, both embraced each other Afzal, gripped Shivaji’s neck in his left arm, with an aim of suffocating him to death. But, Shivaji being a wise military strategist himself killed his enemy in quick combat and ran away from the tent.

6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

3. Jaichand (Embracing Ghori to defeat Prithviraj):

The next in the list is Jaichand, who joined hands with Ghori to ensure Prithviraj Chauhan’s defeat. Despite sharing the same maternal ancestry, Jaichand could stand to Prithviraj. However, this enmity began Prithviraj Chauhan kidnapped Jaichand’s daughter. Jaichand was denied the throne of Delhi after rule of Delhi handed over reigns of the state to Prithviraj. Hence, Jaichand aligned with common neighborhood enemies and Mughal invaders, even deceiving Prithviraj’s father.

6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

2. Mir Jafar (Connivance with Britishers):

Mir Jafar was an ambitious leader working under the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Daulah. In 1757, he signed an agreement with the British India Company where he agreed to hand them over the army of the princely state of Bengal to them in return for control over a new puppet state. Britishers agreed with Mir Jafar as its Nawab. Later, when he realized that Britishers were up for more, he sided with Danish to stop them. Unable to confront them face on, he again took refuge under their rule. He was named as a disgrace to the nation and humanity by great Urdu poet Allama Iqbal.

6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

1. Dawood Ibrahim (Selling India to the Drug and Arms Mafia):

Although, projected in various sections of the media as a true patriot despite his gangster ways, the most wanted criminal in India is another one in the breed of born cowards in Indian history. He had under his belt a large number illegitimate businesses including drug and arms trade. Dawood Ibrahim who is said to be the tallest leader in the underworld of the sub continent played a big role in 1993 Mumbai blasts. He was also named as the chief conspirator in Hyderabad blasts where many innocents lost their lives. Presently, he is residing in Karachi (Pakistan), if we go by what the Indian intelligence agencies have to say – he is arguably the biggest coward living from India.

6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

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