6 Most Famous Quizmasters In India

10:21 am 6 Feb, 2014

The quizmasters arrived on Indian television to quench the thirst of those seeking knowledge, facts and trivia. Quizzes proved to be battleground for those who had good memories, penchant for following news, talent for learning and remembering weird facts or trivia, and also those who loved to match their intellect with others.  Though, not a typical quizmaster, it was the superstar Amitabh Bacchan who took the quiz to the general public of India. The KBC show attracted one and all to the unique quiz with great monetary benefits for those who could last till the end. Though not to be mentioned in the list, he sure deserves a special mention among the quizmasters, for making quiz a game loved by the whole family.

Quizmasters are highly responsible for not just the popularity of the show, but also to give a feeling of fairness to the participants. Apart from having knowledge on wide range of subjects, quizmasters should be able to handle tough situations deftly. Here is the list of 6 famous quizmasters of India who have glamorized the game, and attracted the youth to the show.

6. Thejaswi Udupa

Short, crispy and up to the point questions are what endear Thejaswi Udupa to the hearts of viewers. His choice of words is just enough to point out a clue to crack open the safe where the answer is hidden. Add to this talent his intelligence and immense knowledge, an appealing personality and lops of confidence, and there you have one of most beloved quiz masters of India.

6 Most Famous Quizmasters In India


5. Dr. Navin Jayakumar

Dr. Navin Jayakumar has been hosting the Landmark quiz since its inception in the year 1992, every year except for 2006. The quiz is known to be one of the oldest open quizzes in India. A Neuro- Ophthalmologist by profession, for Dr. Jayakumar quizzing is a passion which has been handed down by his family. His knowledge of the subject matter, charisma of his striking personality and presentation of quiz, has made people watch him with ardent admiration year after year.

6 Most Famous Quizmasters In India

4. Dr. Arul Mani

Arul Mani is a quiz master with the looks of a Sufi Saint, who many quiz fans regard as the best. Professionally, he is an English lecturer in St. Joseph’s Convent, Bangalore. He is known among the quiz followers as an extremely innovative quizmaster who doesn’t hesitate to think out of box when handling deadlocks. It is his sense of humor that puts smile on serious lips during the grilling quizzing session.

6 Most Famous Quizmasters In India

3. Harsha Bhogle

Coming from the family of professors, Harsha Bhogle did not have to struggle to quench his thirst for knowledge. His passion for sports and communication skills led him becomes a commentator on Radio. Recently he was voted as the best TV cricket commentator by cricinfo fans. Apart from hosting TV shows, he is best known as a specialist sports quizmaster among his large fan following. His impeccable language, immense knowledge regarding sports and his electric presence has made him one of the most memorable sports quizmasters India has ever seen.

6 Most Famous Quizmasters In India

2. Derek O’Brien

Derek O’Brien hosts the Bournvita Quiz Contest, which is one of the longest running game show on Indian Television.  He is highly inspired by his father, who is renowned as a pioneer of quiz contests in India. His talent as the quizmaster has been recognized and he has received numerous awards including the much coveted Best Anchor of a Game/Quiz Show award. He hosts quiz shows in many other countries as well.

6 Most Famous Quizmasters In India


1. Siddhartha Basu

Though today Siddhartha Basu is famous for being the producer director for popular TV shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati or Dus Ka Dum, but for viewers of Doordarshan, he will always be the great quizmaster who hosted Quiz Time. His knack for facts and trivia involving a wide range of subjects, his unmatched communication skills, his amazing poise, and stern yet friendly way of handling the contestants not only endeared him to the heart of the viewers, but also sparked interest to gain more General Knowledge in all his viewers. No wonder, he is considered as the father of television quiz shows in India. Apart from the Indian television shows, Mr. Basu is known to host live multimedia quiz contests, Mastermind India and University Challenge on BBC World, a 7 nation SAARC quiz- Spectrum and many more.

6 Most Famous Quizmasters In India

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