6 Factors That Make You a Great Daddy

11:48 am 18 Oct, 2013

Being a father is probably the most fulfilling experience a man can ever have. A careful father can make all the difference in his child’s life and the sweetest thing he can bequeath is a sense of being loved. One doesn’t have to be perfect to be a good father; all it takes is affection and support to instill strength, discipline and values inside a child. Not everybody, however, is able to do that in life. And yes, it is true that anybody can be a father, but it takes much more to be a daddy. Here are six things that may help you become a great daddy:

6. Teaching Your Kids to Appreciate Things:

If you are really a caring daddy, you will never tolerate your kids taking what you have provided them for granted. A good father helps his children understand the value of everything from the quality education, the food on the table and every single facility he’s paying for. He tries his best to instill in his kids a deep sense of responsibility right from the adulthood. He takes the time to sit with his children and ask what they need, but never allows them to ill-treat what he’s work hard to earn.

Teaching Your Kids to Appreciate Things

5. Timely Reinforcement:

The best thing a great daddy does to boost his kids’ morale is timely reinforcement. He knows his kids are not going to be perfect in everything, but keeps motivating them to try and deliver their best in whatever they do. You too can tell your kids you are really proud of them, especially when they are not doing well at studies. Kids always trust what their parents say, daddy specifically!

Timely Reinforcement

4. Expressing Unconditional Love:

This is the real characteristic of a great daddy – having unconditional love for his kids, and, of course, expressing it at times. Like everybody else, he gets upset when his kids are at fault, but this is in the form of real concern. In reality, he loves his children no less even when they don’t meet his expectations.

Expressing Unconditional Love

3. Talking to Your Kids:

A good dad always has time to talk to his kids. He takes the time to spend time with them, taking them to movies, playing games and having fun. If you are habitual of listening to your kids and having a healthy and easy conversation, you sure are a good daddy! Now, try picking your kid up from school and ask him/her what was special about the day while driving back home. Aware parents, especially daddies, read their kids’ mind and know their interests and disinterests this way.

Talking to Your Kids

2. Helping Develop Discipline and Good Habits:

All great daddies know loving their children to just satisfy their emotions is not enough on their part. Rather, a good daddy is an ideal discipliner, helping his children develop good habits and live disciplined. He strongly criticizes his kids for doing wrong and counsels them on why what he’s disapproved is considered wrong and how it can be corrected. Help your kid develop good habits, and it would be best to start with waking up early in the morning and starting the day with a prayer!

Helping Develop Discipline and Good Habits

1. Encouraging Kids to Take Challenges:

A great daddy will always want his children to fight to be their best. He always encourages them to take challenges from failure and disappointment so they can fully grow and have a strong mentality. He doesn’t keep pampering his children saying he cares for them, but, instead, gives them time and liberty to encounter setbacks and find out solutions for problems on their own. Most outstandingly, a good father is always considerate toward what his kids want to opt for in terms of career and calling, no matter how challenging or insecure it is. He welcomes such steps and is always set to lend a hand should his children require any help or guidance!

Encouraging Kids to Take Challenges

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