6 Conversations That Can Destroy Your First Date

3:00 pm 21 Dec, 2013

Whenever we think of a “first date”, a flurry of fun and romantic ideas prop up in our minds: a beautiful bouquet of roses, a nice but casual and chic dress, a long romantic chat over dinner or coffee and of course, your crush—your dream date. In short, we all want our first dates to be unique and perfect, don’t we? However, every now and then, we see people screwing up a romantic conversation, supposedly the main part of the date, by saying things which perhaps are better not uttered on a ‘first date’. But, no more of worrying and creating wrinkles! By avoiding the following conversations, you can really hit a huge sixer in your first date itself:


6. Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes, it’s true that in front of our “dream dates” we all feel nothing better than ‘plain Janes’ and get quite anxious on knowing how many people have our ‘dates’ dated previously. But trust me, this one question can seriously paralyze your dream of being with your dream guy or girl till “death do us part”. So, take a chill pill and relax, you will surely have time to bring on this topic later on.
On a serious note, this is an extremely personal matter, so any interference or questions from any unknown person might just hamper the future friendship too.

6 Conversations That Can Destroy Your First Date

5. You’re eyes remind me of my grandmother/mother

Yes, we appreciate that you’re really intent on wooing your date at any cost and we also know about your ardent love for your mother/grandmother, but seriously, we’re not quite sure about your date. She might count you in the list of clichés that every girl has to cope with in their daily lives. So, grow up and think of some new ways to woo your partner and likewise, stop making fool of yourself.

6 Conversations That Can Destroy Your First Date

4. Don’t point at any imperfections that he or she might have

We know, honesty is the best policy, but sometimes to get a few things straight, you better keep your honesty aside. Every girl loves getting wooed, so never point at those extra pounds that she has or those huge pimples that have shown up on her left cheek. The best way to win a girl is to keep mum about all these things and stick with the phrase, “you’re the prettiest girl ever” and say it convincingly. Yes, it’s really clichéd, but it works!

6 Conversations That Can Destroy Your First Date

3. Never get into debates of any kind

You might really want to discuss the ways of the world and express your distaste of the same, but a date isn’t an occasion to discuss such topics. Come on, you’re on a date and not in the Assembly. Besides, more problems will arise once your date finds him/her losing the track of everything. Hence, stick to the basic “romantic” conversations that make up a “first date” and keep your worldly views to you.

6 Conversations That Can Destroy Your First Date

2. Don’t talk about sex on your first date

Nowadays everyone is quite open about sex and related issues but e, a “first date” isn’t the occasion to divulge all your sexual fantasies and fanatics. It’s true that your date is there to know about you and your likes and dislikes, but it’s better to keep your carnal ideas to yourself only! You might just be labeled a pervert for pronouncing your feelings even if you were “just saying” them. So, avoid any kind of sexual talks on your first date and enjoy the date in a simple and platonic way! On a different note, if you’re still intent on talking about it, you might just read her (or him) one of Marvel’s poems—subdued yet effective. But, all these at your own risk!

6 Conversations That Can Destroy Your First Date

1. Don’t make him/her read your own poems

It’s true that Poetry is the most romantic literary genre ever, but you’re no Shakespeare or Marvel. The sooner you learn this, the better. So, it’s best not to torture your partner with a “romantic” poem written by you. Even if your poem is good, your partner might just not be the best listener. In any case, it’s not a “poem reading session”, so chucking the idea of reading a poem won’t harm you!

6 Conversations That Can Destroy Your First Date

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