6 Common Experiences Our Brain Always Remember

6:35 am 13 Aug, 2013

Human brain is an incredibly complex organ that stores huge volumes of information. But, the information is not always available for easy access, unless of course if you’ve got that pill Bradley Cooper ingested everyday and wrote a novel in few weeks, made millions in the stock market and got back his lost love. Regardless of how sharp or dull your brain is, it will give more preference to some experience than others. These experiences, of course, are not ordinary. The mind does not remember anything ordinary or casual for a long time. Sometimes, not even for few minutes. Listed below are 6 common experiences our brain always remember:

6. Rejection:

‘Rejection’ by a prospective life partner, employer or institution you so much wanted to be a part of can be devastating. It can make you weaker or stronger depending on how you take it. In any case, your brain is going to remember it for many-many years to come. Whether it made you sob in solitude or motivated you to work harder, you’d remember it as an experience that ‘changed’ your beliefs and outlook towards many things in life.


5. First Sex:

Whether you had sex for the first time at the age of 16 or on your wedding night when you were 24, your brain is going to store this information, complete with pictures, sounds, touch sensations etc. at an easily accessible closet. You can open the closet anytime you want to. The impression is going to be even stronger if you were making out with a person you were truly, madly and deeply in love with. That was the first time your brain really experienced what it is like to feel merged with another person. That was the first time your brain was completely knocked out for few seconds and hell yeah, it enjoyed every tiny microsecond of it.

First Sex

4. When you Escaped Death or Serious Danger:

Have you ever escaped an accident or found yourself ‘saved’ when you just thought the worst had happened. It can happen in a relationship, at work, on road or anywhere else. It’s an experience in which the human brain freaks out for some time, loses all hope and passes on nerve signals to the body – Brace yourself, the Worst is here – and then, it’s alright.

When you Escaped Death or Serious Danger

3. Someone Crushes Your Ego:

Of all things in the material world, it’s our ‘Ego,’ a ‘useful fiction’ as Osho used to call it, that’s dearest to us all. No, we’re not even aware of our own egos because when we are, it ceases to exist. Tricky, no? But, if someone crushes your ego, makes you feel a ‘nobody,’ a loser or worse, shows you the ‘bad’ side of you in a manner you’ve never seen before, your brain is going to bleed dry and needless to say, it’ll remember the experience for a very-very long time!

Someone Crushes Your Ego

2. Unconditional Love Sprouts in Your Heart:

The moment you feel unconditional love kindled in your heart, you’d feel like a million tiny stars bursting out from the pores of your body. The gravity, it seems, has disappeared. All negative impressions of the past, no matter how painful they were, collapse like a sand sculpture within no time. Experiencing selfless love for nature, a person, God or anyone else is something that puts the restless mind at ease. The mind ceases to broadcast tons of information and it remembers this anomaly, for a lifetime.

Unconditional Love Sprouts in Your Heart

1. You Feel the Emptiness:

Have you ever climbed a mountain you thought was impossible for you to scale? Ever felt a fleeting void? The experience of true emptiness or ‘moment of enlightenment’ as some would like to call it remains as a permanent impression in the mind. This neuropath-way once created, cannot be erased even if you try to. This is one experience that can change your outlook towards the life. It can make you a good person. It can make you fall in love with nature. It can alter your beliefs. Naturally, your brain will remember it forever. It’s an experience beyond the understanding of the human brain. And, human brain is okay with it. Why? Well, the brain remembers it as an experience when it no longer existed!

You Feel the Emptiness

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