6 Beautiful College Campuses In India With Exceptional Greenery

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12:33 pm 18 Dec, 2013

Although it’s the quality of curriculum, educational track record and location of a college that most of us consider when selecting a college, a visually pleasing campus can also play an important part on how one might feel when living inside the walls of its campus. After all, you’ll be spending your daily life around its grounds, and naturally prefer one with more greenery. There’s a whole bunch of beautiful college campuses around India, but among these there’s a distinction on colleges with exceptional greenery. We carefully compiled a list of 7 such campuses around the country. Take a look!

6. Forest Research Institute, Dehradun:

Located in Dehradun, the Forest Research Institute is one of oldest and the top institute in the field of forest research. Its campus features an imposing building, constructed in Greaco-Roman architectural style, surrounded by lush green environments spread over an area of 450 hectares. Fringed by Himalayan Foothills, the institute is highly acclaimed for the success it has achieved in research and findings in the field of scientific forestry.

6 Beautiful College Campuses In India With Exceptional Greenery

5. Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, Delhi:

Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, Delhi was established in a part of the Aravali Hill ranges in 1970. Spread over 1000 sq ft approximately, the once completely barren land is now surrounded with lush green plantation of Eucalyptus, Banyan, Neem, Mango, Banana, Drumstick, Amaltas, Gular, Wood Apple, and several other species of trees and plants. The campus is visited by hundreds of summer migratory birds including the Crested Pied Cuckoo Birds from East Africa. The monsoons make the campus even more beautiful, with the greenery increasing manifold to the extent that you may easily spot Blue Bulls grazing around the roads with plenty of Peacocks, Pigeons, and house sparrows and hundreds of other birds.

6 Beautiful College Campuses In India With Exceptional Greenery

4. RMK Engineering College, Chennai:

The entire campus of the RMK Engineering College has been landscaped with lush green gardens adorned with ornamental plants and shady trees that make the campus look beautiful. The college has also been adjudged as the Most Green and Clean Campus in 2003, by the Rotary Club of Chennai. Extensive water harvesting activities undertaken from time to time have resulted in high ground-water levels. The campus is strict about using only organic fertilizers in the campus and water from the kitchen and washrooms is recycled, which us used for cleaning the garden areas around the campus.

6 Beautiful College Campuses In India With Exceptional Greenery

3. Manipal University, Karnataka:

In the last 58 years of its existence, the Manipal University of Karnataka has successfully transformed its 600 acres of rocky hills with a blade of grass into a luxuriantly green campus. More than 22% of the campus is clothed in greenery. The college authorities have recently invested Rs 14.98 crore on the setting up a waste management system, rain water harvesting, waster water recycling plant and vermin-composition, in the year 2010-2011. Besides, every vacant corner of the campus has been planted with trees, shrubs, creepers, turfs and other plant species to make it look greener and more vibrant.

6 Beautiful College Campuses In India With Exceptional Greenery

2. NIIT University, Rajasthan:

NIIT University, Rajasthan was awarded as the Most Environmentally-Friendly campus in 2011. It is this status, which has from time to time, prompted authorities to also have plants, trees and shrubs planted across the campus. Students here have planted more than 10,000 tress of different varieties around the campus and in fact the every year around the monsoons they make an effort to convert the black hill (Kali Pahari) that surrounds the campus into a green hill (Hari Pahari). They also collaborated with the locals to have a nursery planned in the campus.

6 Beautiful College Campuses In India With Exceptional Greenery

1. Bishop Moore College, Kerala:

Bishop Moore College in the Mavelikara is affiliated to the University of Kerala. It was in the year 1950, when for the first time students of the college began planting mahogany and teal plants around the campus. Today, these trees have grown to about 60 inches in diameter. In 2011, NSS students from the campus initiated the most recent of such activities, where they planted the campus with tapioca and plantain trees. Mango and fig trees were also panted soon after. The botany department of the college has recorded a short history of every plant and animal on the campus – it elucidates the diverse flora and fauna that resides on the campus.

6 Beautiful College Campuses In India With Exceptional Greenery

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