6 Badass Bharatiya Kings Still Remembered For Their Badassery

9:00 pm 11 Jan, 2014

Whenever we think of wars and battles, inevitable the World Wars come to our minds, and with the thoughts of valiant kings, the story of Napoleon and the likes are remembered. However, it is a true, and err, known fact that the Indian kings were one of the most valiant and noble warriors ever! Yes, sometimes we even deny their existence (thanks to the western mask that we chose to adorn). Well here’s a list of some great badass Bharatiya kings who should always be remembered for their badassery.

6. Baji Rao:

He was one of the greatest kings India has ever seen though he isn’t very well known person in the history books of India. He was one of the noted generals of Maharastra’s Chhatrapati Shahu. In the writings of General Montogomery, it has been found that in his lifetime, Baji Rao fought nearly 41 battles—winning all and losing none. Yes, he was that great a warrior, but sadly, we don’t find it fitting enough to be taught to our kids in schools!

6 Badass Bharatiya Kings Still Remembered For Their Badassery

5. Sher Shah Suri:

Apparently Shah Suri got his name “Sher” after he had killed a tiger with bare hands—quite a bit of a hero, eh? That he was a great warrior can be seen from the testimonials which provide enough examples of his repeated triumphs over the mighty Mughal warriors. In fact, he was the one to initiate the Sur dynasty in Bengal. He was not only a gifted general but also a generous ruler. Although he died prematurely in an accident, he did rebuild the Grand Trunk Road of India and extended it till Calcutta.

6 Badass Bharatiya Kings Still Remembered For Their Badassery

4. Ashoka:

One of most well known and valiant kings ever, Ashoka was also known as Chandal Ashok before taking up Buddhism. Ashoka’s life can be divided into two phases—both of which are equally important. The young Ashok was a frivolous ruler whose only passion to was to extend his empire and nothing else. But the next, and the more important part, is the one post-Kalinga war where he understood his mistakes and cruelty and changed into a devoted Buddhist ruler. Later he built hospitals for not only the human beings but also for the animals, and send the word of peace through his children to Ceylon, Cambodia and other places—such were the ways of this mighty and hearty ruler.

6 Badass Bharatiya Kings Still Remembered For Their Badassery

3. Samudragupta:

Successor to the founder of the Gupta Dynasty, Chandra Gupta I, the Napoleon of India, Samudragupta is widely regarded as one of the most courageous and mighty warrior in the history of India. It was Samudragupta’s passion for wars and battles that made him the chosen descendent of the Gupta dynasty ahead of his seven brothers. According to a famed historian, if Ashoka was drawn to wars and battles for the passion of conquering new lands, Samudragupta did it to satiate his thirst for winning battles and wars. Before him, the Gupta Kingdom was limited to Uttar Pradesh only; it was he who took the kingdom much further down south and even defeated 12 south Indian kings! He, too, never lost a single battle.

6 Badass Bharatiya Kings Still Remembered For Their Badassery

2. Shivaji:

Widely known as Chhatrapati Shivaji, he was one of the greatest and most celebrated rulers in India—someone who’s literally worshipped even now, and rightly so. At a time when the mighty Mughals were ruling literally the whole of India, he singlehandedly fought and saved his Maratha from becoming their slaves. It is known that he fought not only with his strength but also with his brains. His Great War strategies (like, the guerilla warfare) and the war planning along with an equally brilliant knowledge of geography made it impossible for the Mughals to establish their superiority and control over the Marathas. Inevitably, every year, the students from 3rd to 8th standards would read at least one chapter on this legend religiously.

6 Badass Bharatiya Kings Still Remembered For Their Badassery00

1. Siraj ud Daullah:

Although not much is known about him, except for the Battle of Plassey and the Battle of Buxar, Siraj ud Daullah yet remains one of the greatest fighters in the history of India who the British managed to kill only with the help of Siraj’s treacherous minister, Mir Jafar. In fact, he was one of the last persons who had refused to give up his territory to the foreigners and Lord Canning had to go through really a lot to get rid of him. The Bengalis still feel blessed to have a ruler like Siraj.

6 Badass Bharatiya Kings Still Remembered For Their Badassery

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