6 Amazing Things That Soviet Union Gave Us

8:37 am 25 Aug, 2013

It’s been more than 20 years since the USSR collapsed. With its downfall, the entire world lost the much needed ‘balance of power’; a vacuum was created and it is yet to be plugged. USSR presented the world with many amazing things that are till date guiding our everyday lives in one way or other. Although, Capitalists rebut the theory that Communism from Soviet Union did no good for the people but that’s just one side of the story. Here are 6 amazing things that Soviet Union gave us:

6. Post World War II Re-Construction:

Had USSR not been fighting Germany during WW 2, the world would have been a much worse place to be in. USSR defeated Nazi Germany and reversed the tide of war. It was in Stalingrad that the deciding battle was fought. After the war was over, USSR worked a lot for the betterment of the world but was sidelined by the Western powers for the fear that Democracy may lose to Communism.

Post World War II Re-Construction

5. Scientific Innovations:

Be it the field of Nuclear physics including discovery of Atom Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, or space exploration; USSR had been a torchbearer to the rest of the world even to its bête-noire USA. Soviet Union launched its first satellite in space in 1957 and Yuri Gagarin was the first man to enter the space much before any other superpower in the world could even think about doing so. USSR guided the whole world about the nuances of ground warfare technology and agriculture sciences.

Scientific Innovations

4. The Women Rights:

Soviet Union worked aggressively in the direction of giving rights to women. By the year 1917, only four countries namely Australia, Finland, Norway and Denmark had granted voting rights to women. It was only after the Russian revolution of 1917, that a fear creeped in the minds of capitalist powers that unless women receive voting rights, there is every possibility of them siding with the Communist Soviet Union. Thereon, Britain and Germany granted voting rights to women; others followed.

The Women Rights

3. Anti-Colonialism Sentiment:

It was capitalistic benefits on the minds of Western states that drove them incessantly to capture and exploit weak countries across the world. However, USSR always sided with the colonies in need of external support to fight for their liberation and independence from the capitalistic powers. Nations such as India and South Africa continued their freedom struggle with backing of Soviet learning throughout. Therefore, USSR championed the cause of anti-colonialism with utmost pluck & prudence and instilled the same in rest of the world.

Anti-Colonialism Sentiment

2. Vodka:

Vodka is a distilled beverage that consists mainly of water and ethanol. The alcoholic drink is made by the distillation of fermented substances such as grains, potatoes, some fruits and sugar.  Historically, it was prepared for the first time in some of the states of erstwhile USSR namely Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and others. The drink is one of the most served and praised alcohol types worldwide. Vodka Martini is something that has become a cult by now in almost all countries in the world.


1. Improved Labor Laws:

It was only due to the intense pressure exerted by Communism in Soviet Union that the capitalist states had to re-work their useless and outdated labor laws. We all should show gratitude towards the Soviet Union that provisions such as 5 days a week, maternity leave, health insurance, maternity leave and safety standards were included in the Human Resource policies of the companies and nations alike. Prior to this introduction, the state of affairs in public and private sector was too upsetting. Employees were used more or less like bonded laborers for promoters of industries.

Improved Labor Laws

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