5 Ways To Say ‘No’ To Your Boss

7:00 am 23 May, 2014

Being loyal and honest doesn’t mean to be a “YES-Boss” employee all the time. It’s safe to say ‘No’ sometimes for a job you don’t want to do. While it can look intimidating for workers to decline proposals, it’s better than committing for things you cannot deliver or would not want to devote time to.

There is every possibility that your boss is not aware about the workload you have or the number of assignments you’re working on. When you say no to your boss, give him reasons for the same. You can very well say no and yet not offend your boss too.

If you’re still confused how to go about saying “NO” try the following ideas, they’ll hopefully work well.

5. Ask for More Thinking Space

Keep your decisions at arm’s length. It is nice to have a strategy at hand, but don’t make instant decisions. It could turn out to be true to the Proverb ‘Haste Makes waste’. It would be better to buy some time from your Boss and design a prudent policy for the project. This strategy will help to get some heat-off your table and keep you cool at work. But remember to talk him later to decide about the project’s fate. At last you might land yourself at saying ‘No’ comfortably. It would not only earn more respect and trust, but also reap some appreciation for your honest responses.

Ways To Say 'No' To Your Boss

4. Show Seriousness

It is important to acknowledge the concern of seniors before rushing to the ‘No’ part. You should show some empathy for the request. Appropriately make him aware about your ongoing project deadlines. Don’t ever make your boss feel the task is too low for you. Tell him it’s a great opportunity, but a busy schedule would make it impossible to maintain high standards or you’d be too strained to meet deadlines.

Ways To Say 'No' To Your Boss

3. Make Appropriate Offers

While engaging your boss in a conversation about prioritizing your work list is a good idea, you can also give alternatives options depending upon the situation. You shouldn’t prefer to say ‘No’ directly. Try to make another feasible offer by contributing to a part of the dialogue. Help your boss to find another employee fit for the job and offer him some ideas on how to get it done. Assisting your Boss on such junctions will definitely boost your ties.

Ways To Say 'No' To Your Boss

2. Speak Responsibly

Clarity in your ideas is a must to be able to present your side to the boss for saying “No.” It is your first duty to deliver results for already committed assignments. But in place of speaking no straightaway, try to be a bit diplomatic. For example, you can say “Sir, I’m currently working on multiple projects and can fall short of time for this project. Whenever possible I will try to provide volunteers for the project, but kindly assign the project to someone else. This is a better way of making your boss aware of your work commitments without building any strain on your relations and keeping them intact (as usual).

Ways To Say 'No' To Your Boss

1. Get Your Act Together

Most employees don’t know when and how to say ‘No’. Many people fear getting tagged as unhelpful. Saying ‘No’ is an important skill, which can help you manage expectations and work load. It can help to create a balance between professional and personal relationships. First, conduct a reality check on consequences of saying ‘yes’ for the new project. It should not have any adverse impact upon your performance. If you feel that you can work as efficient as earlier, you can go ahead. Giving a thumbs-up for the project means you will be able to responsibly execute the project and no excuses will be entertained, later on.

If you’re already working full capacity, saying no with an explanation would be the right thing to do. A ‘No’ doesn’t mean that you are running from your responsibilities instead it means that your work is already at its peak load.

Ways To Say 'No' To Your Boss

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