5 Ways To Not Lose Faith In Your Country

5:00 pm 4 Feb, 2014

In these days of dirty and selfish politics, it is tough not to lose faith in one’s nation. We progress along with our nation. The fall of the country would be the fall of its citizens. Patriotism and love for the nation in the heart of citizens is indispensable for the progress of a nation. But unfortunately patriotism and love cannot exist where there is mistrust. Hence, there is no doubt that we should not lose faith in our country, because losing faith in our country will finally be the cause of our own downfall. How to achieve this Herculean task? We need to have patience and bear in mind that our own country is going through a tough transition period. Once the transition is over, there is going to be a great change in our country. Let us hope and pray that the change is going to be a positive one. Here are 5 ways to look at your country to see if that prevents you from losing faith in your country.

5. We are the Nation

More than the rivers, hills, forests or oceans, it is we, the citizens of the country that makes it what it is. When people say, a country is dirty; it means that the citizens of the country are failing in their duty to clean the mess they leave behind. When we say our country is corrupt, it means the people here are accepting bribes. Changing the nation should begin with individuals, and then progress to bigger scale. No matter how powerless we say we are, we still have the power to change ourselves. Gladly, this is where the changing of our country begins.

5 Ways To Not Lose Faith In Your Country

4. Read History for Proof

Every country has a history of its own, which can have inspirational stories for present generations to strengthen their faith in their country. India, with rich past, strewn with stories of braveries, survivals and spiritual enlightenment, should sow the seeds of faith in the hearts of its citizens. We also learn from history that no matter how much we falter, when time comes the country stands united to emerge victorious from even worst of the crisis.

5 Ways To Not Lose Faith In Your Country

3. Have faith in our youth

We need to place trust in our youth to take our country beyond the discriminations, superstitions and corruption. Today, India is considered to be a young country, not in terms of her own age, but regarding the average age of Indian citizens.  At present every third Indian city dweller is a youth. In less than a decade, the median age of Indian citizen will be 29 years, thus making India the youngest country in the world. We should place trust in the youth to bring about the much awaited change in our country.

5 Ways To Not Lose Faith In Your Country

2. Progress in Science and Technology

Though India attained its freedom only in 1947, it has progressed in leaps and bounds in the field of science and technology. It is true that our country is lagging behind developed nations, but a proper survey will show that poverty and brain drain are two major causes of this. Overcoming all of the hurdles thrown in its way, including internal favoritism and corruption, the country has many proud achievements under its belt.

5 Ways To Not Lose Faith In Your Country

1. The Strongest Asset

The strongest asset of our country is its human resource, and that we do have in plenty. The strongest asset of India has allowed it to emerge as a strong contender for the outsourcing industry. The financial interest shown in India by business conglomerates is due to the potential they see in the country and due to the availability of people resource here. The human capital of India is bound to take it to a bright and progressive future. Let us keep our faith in ourselves and our country.

5 Ways To Not Lose Faith In Your Country

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