5 Ways To Enjoy In Isolation

7:00 am 30 Nov, 2013

The leap technological progress has taken in past few decades has left the personal space of every person violated. Mobile phones have allowed people to reach you in everyplace, even in odd hours. We cannot imagine enjoying our life without having either internet, phone or some technologically developed device taking part in our activities.  Some people have the tendency to feel lonely and isolated even when they are surrounded by people. Though man is a social animal, isolation would be a blessing in today’s busy and hectic scenario. Wonder if you are isolated from your social group for a period, how you would love to spend the time you have all for yourself? Enjoying in isolation does not come naturally for everyone, because we need someone to share our happiness with, though it is not impossible. Here are 5 ways in which every person can make best of and enjoy in isolation without any interference from others.

5. Everyone has a story to tell:

Everyone has a story to tell, it could either be their own life story or a story they have cooked up in their mind. Remember the time when you had those words flowing in your mind in perfect rhythm before someone or something distracted you? Being in isolation is the best time to put down that story you have inside you in black and white. Allow yourself to surf freely in your thoughts and imagination without any disturbance blowing your entire story away. Grab the opportunity to give birth to the story teller in you.  If you are interested, this would be the best time to set up a blog.

5 Ways To Enjoy In Isolation

4. Set the child in you free:

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something that you utterly enjoy, just because you were worried about what others might say? Being in isolation is the right time to let the child in you surface once again and enjoy freely. Sing, dance, play or do whatever you feel like doing without giving it a second thought. You will be surprised to see how much of stress you will have relieved after letting yourself go freely.

5 Ways To Enjoy In Isolation

3. Dust off the books:

Nothing can beat the satisfaction of reading your favorite books in the quite, serene atmosphere, with no one to disturb you. If you love books, then this is the best time to enjoy them. If you are not a book lover, then this is the perfect time to try reading them. If you have lots of time on hand, pick up a theme or author you can complete at one go.

5 Ways To Enjoy In Isolation

2. Pick up activities you love:

Apart from the computer or video games, there are hundreds of other games you can enjoy all alone, including the puzzles and challenges. You can try your hand at drawing or painting without any target to achieve. Word games can increase your knowledge and vocabulary while keeping you entertained. Try solitary board games that require deduction, which cannot be done when you have company. Being alone is the best time to practice card or magic tricks. Trying out new recipes is not only fun but you may end up perfecting something to its best.

5 Ways To Enjoy In Isolation

1. Enjoy the outdoors:

Be it gardening, exercising, hiking, swimming, cycling or building castles on the beach; make your pick from thousands of activities you can do in isolation. Keep your eyes and ears open to catch glimpse of that rare bird, bright insect or a beautiful bird song you may come across. In your busy life when you are in company of others, you did not have time to notice the beauty of nature. The alone time will give you an opportunity to connect with nature and be one with it.

5 Ways To Enjoy In Isolation

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