5 Renowned National Parks In India That Are Worth Visiting

2:00 pm 6 Jan, 2014

Before the inventions of hunting guns and modern hunting methods, the threat to animals was not very high. Even though they were hunted quite often, many animals survived and flourished in Indian jungles. In 1936, when it became necessary to provide protected areas for animals to prevent their extinction, the first National Park of India, Hailey National Park was established. It was later renamed as Jim Corbett National Park. By 2012 the number of national parks has increased to 102, with more upcoming projects that will take it to 166. Though all of them beckon to nature loves with equal fervors, here is the list of 5 National Parks in India that are worth visiting more than once.

5. Kanha National Park

Created in 1955, Kanha National Park and Kanha tiger reserve is considered to be the largest National Park of central India. The scenic beauty of the area with lush saal and bamboo forests, lakes, streams and open grasslands can be breathtaking. Besides Tigers, the park is famous for Barasingha, deer, Blackbuck, wild pig, gaur, leopards, sloth bear, and more than 1000 species of flowering plants. Munna is one of the very famous tiger of Kanha, known for the formation of word CAT clearly visible on his huge head.

5 Renowned National Parks In India That Are Worth Visiting

4. Kaziranga National Park

Situated on the Eastern Himalayan region, on the banks of Brahmaputra, Kaziranga National Park is a paradise for wildlife lovers. Created to protect the endangered species of Great One-horned Rhinoceroses, today the Kaziranga National Park of Assam boasts highest density of tiger population among protected areas. It is also safe home for elephants, barasingha, Indian bison, sloth bears, hog deer, jackals, wild water buffalo and numerous migrating birds. In 1985, Kaziranga was declared a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO and it was given the status of ‘Tiger Reserve’ in 2006. It is also identified as an ‘Important Bird Area’ since a large number of migratory birds visit the marshy areas during winters.

5 Renowned National Parks In India That Are Worth Visiting

3. Ranthambore National Park

Rathambore National Park has seen a lot of bloodshed of animals, as it was the hunting grounds for the Maharajas and Royals in the past. Today, the protected area of 1,334 sq km is shelter home for wide range of animals. It is also known for a huge ruined fort of Rathambore which gave the park its name. Rathambore is the best place for tiger sighting, because the tigers here are not scared of people and can be easily captured on camera. Machali, the legendary tigress who fought a 14 foot long crocodile, her daughter Sundari, Dollar and many other tigers and tigresses of Rathambore have become celebrities in their own way. The luxuriant greenery, an array of chirpy birds and many other species of animals makes this National Park worth enough to be explored at least once in a lifetime.

5 Renowned National Parks In India That Are Worth Visiting

2. Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Keoladeo Ghana National Park, popularly called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan, is avifauna sanctuary that sees thousands of rare and highly endangered birds such as the Siberian Crane. It is an ornithologist’s dream come true. This National Park is known to be home for more than 230 different species of birds; besides the swamp is home to 50 species of fish, 13 species of snakes, 5 species of lizards, 7 amphibian species,7 turtle species, and many other animals. Many ornithologists consider this to be the best bird area in the world. The park was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985.

5 Renowned National Parks In India That Are Worth Visiting

1. Jim Corbett National Park

Situated in the sprawling lush green land of Uttarkhand, Jim Corbett National Park has the distinction of being the first recognized national park in Asia. The park with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes is named after the famous Jim Corbett who played important role in its establishment. Since 1936, the National Park has come a long way. Today, the Corbett Tiger Reserve covers over 1288 sq. km and is one of the most renowned wildlife sanctuaries all around the world. Besides the he Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic Elephant, the Jim Corbett National Park is home to 110 species of trees, 50 species of mammals, 580 bird species and 25 species of reptiles.

5 Renowned National Parks In India That Are Worth Visiting

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