5 Pleasure Points In Her Body

7:05 am 19 Nov, 2013

Surprisingly, over 70 percent of males have no idea how their fairer counterparts behave underneath the layer of clothes. The largest number of nerve endings for male bastion ends with the most prominent body parts in female bodies. Isn’t it intriguing? Of course it is! In the absence of basic understanding about female body parts, most women end up unsatisfied, miles away from a pleasurable orgasm in the bed. Dissecting a woman’s body isn’t easy, but not an unfeasible task either. Here are 5 pleasure points in her body.

5. Neck Nape:

It’s challenging to play ‘Don Juan’ with your wife, if you are up with same old tiring tricks night after night. It’s all about searching for the right points in her body to make her want you. If you like serious love-making, starting with nape of the neck is even advised by the ancient Hindu text ‘Kama Sutra’. Men generally neglect the region in lure of more favorable pleasure centers in the female body. Experts encourage males to plant gentle kisses from hairline to shoulder region. A slight blowing of fine wind in her ear and gently eating up her earlobes is always welcome besides kissing!

5 Pleasure Points In Her Body

4. Back:

The body of a woman is packed with numerous pleasure points and hence, it’s with time that you will exactly learn what pleases your lady the most. But, every woman expects her partner to place a gentle supportive hand on the small of her back when locking the lips. This elicits a stimulating and psychologically defined feeling of supportiveness from her partner. No doubt, it can get her heart racing akin to the fastest Ferrari you had seen on the racing track. It also adds to the fun and keeps her coming back to you every night for some more pleasure.

5 Pleasure Points In Her Body

3. Palms:

Have you ever tried to kiss the palms of your partner? If no, then you must try it out at the earliest. Exploring a pleasure point on her palm with your light lips can give delightful shivers to her body. Normally, males lose out on such areas which are comparatively more sensitive than others. Experts also advise to look into her eyes, if possible, while feeling her palms on your face. Maintaining eye contact throughout, makes her believe that you are all for her. This can drive her nuts in heightened keenness. It’s all about weaving a magic around her. You must not at any moment of time appear a robot accomplishing his preset mission.

5 Pleasure Points In Her Body

2. Hair:

A light pressure finger massage in circles around her temples up to the nape region around the neck can be a good stimulator for her. Not only does it lead the blood to flow through her body more vigorously, but also sends pleasurable tingles running through her body. It’s also a good idea to inhale the scent of your partner, especially if you are massaging her head from the back side. Her natural smell can spark a desire in her partner for more. There is every possibility that both of you will end on an ultra-charged sexual encounter, post arousing session of massage.

5 Pleasure Points In Her Body

1. Pelvis:

Pelvic region is the most underrate sensitive portions of her body. Arousing her emotions through stroking her belly and kissing her belly button then steadily shifting downwards can be very pleasing for your charming lady. Teasing her inner thighs and kissing down to the pubic region can easily excite her to the highest levels. You can heighten her sexual arousal by trailing constant kisses all over. If she reciprocates through lower body shivers and slight moans, you know you are on the right track. But, you mustn’t only take to the challenge only if you are able to suspend your own urges for the time. Losing out on control at the moment is easier than holding on and prolonging it for a while.

5 Pleasure Points In Her Body


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