5 Networking Tips For Those Who Hate Social Media

3:53 am 28 Nov, 2013

In times when people spend hours interacting even with strangers on many of social media websites; it may come as a surprise to many to know that there are people who hate networking on social media. Love it or hate it, we have to agree that social media is fast becoming the future communication tool. The transparency of social media websites is one of the reasons why people place more trust in messages placed on these sites. Through proper manipulation, many businesses have established meaningful, lasting, mutually beneficial connections, one person at a time, to build a huge database of customers. So how can you manage effective networking if you hate social media? Identifying the reason for your hatred and working towards clearing those issues is the first step. Here is the list of 5 networking tips for the people who hate social media networking which will help them take that problematic first step.

5. Do not change yourself to fit into social media:

Many people assume that social media networking requires you make changes to your presentation styles. Not many adapt well to changes. You do not have to change yourself to fit into social media, but change your networking to suite your own style of working. Discard rules that do not match your outlook. Be yourself while networking on social media, making prominent your strengths and assets. Build up rapport with your connections according to your preferences. Instead of following the pack, stand out and do what you are best qualified to do.

5 Networking Tips For Those Who Hate Social Media

4. Keep your personal space:

Social media networking is infamous for being too intrusive in your life. The truth is that you always have a choice with social media like any other part of your life. Keep track of time when you are on social media, so that you do not waste more time on unwanted activities online, then end up hating social media for wasting your time. Do not try to be everywhere with all information at one time. Pick the best social media network that is best for your requirement. Share only that information which you intend to; protecting your own personal space.

5 Networking Tips For Those Who Hate Social Media

3. Learn to filter communication:

Social media networking is bombarded with lot of useless information which can confuse you. They can mislead you, especially the intentional misinformation targeting specific group of people. Try to filter out what you want to learn, while not spending time on unwanted topics. Use good judgment about what you read and learn from social media. You will have to develop skill of filtering out misinformation, to overcome your hatred for social media networking.

5 Networking Tips For Those Who Hate Social Media

2.  Do not give up your old marketing strategies:

Just because social media is free and new marketing strategy, you do not have to give up on your old marketing strategy that has worked for you so far; especially, if you are a person who is not comfortable on social media. Take casual steps in the new area, while keeping strong foothold on your old networking strategies which keeps running as usual. If you are uncomfortable even after some efforts with social media networking, you will still have your old skills to fall back on. Take slow and steady steps towards establishing a good network in time.

5 Networking Tips For Those Who Hate Social Media

1. Be goal oriented:

When you are on social media, be focused on what you want to achieve there. Go in with a strategy that you need in order to reach your goal. Once you are focused on your achievements, the hatred you have towards social media itself will not count as it becomes a tool for your success. If you are not comfortable with people who ask for likes, comments or promotions; keep away from them. You are not obliged to do anyone’s bidding. Keep social media networking at a distance you are comfortable with, not allowing it to smother you.

5 Networking Tips For Those Who Hate Social Media

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