5 Greatest Debaters In Hindu Mythology

7:46 am 22 Nov, 2013

Hindu mythology is a body of many traditional narratives comprising of Hinduism contained in the Sanskrit literature. Some of the epics that form the basis of Hindu mythology include the Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharata and Ramayana. There are many other works of ITIHASS that also form the part of the mythology, most notable of these is the Bhagavata Purana, which claims the status of the fifth Veda. Given the richness and the vastness of the Hindu mythology, it is considered that greatest mythologies in the world. There have been many great scholars and orators in the Hindu mythology, we have read and learnt about them, but there has been very little insight on some of the finest debaters in Hindu mythology. Taking the advantage of the void, we have compiled a list of 5 of the greatest debaters in Hindu mythology.

5. Durvasa Rishi:

Durvasa was an ancient sage, who is believed to be born of Shiva’s anger. Given the significance of his birth Durvasa has a very irascible nature. He was very grumpy about things and therefore always ended up in a discussion with everyone for every little thing. Borg to Atri and Anasuya, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, Durvasa was also very short tempered. Due to his temperament and debating attitude, Durvasa was received with great reverence whereever he went, both by the Devas and the humans alike. Ambaraisha and Lakshman were the biggest sufferers of Durvasa’s curse.

5 Greatest Debaters In Hindu Mythology

4. Parshuram:

Parshuram revered as the sixth avatar of Vishnu was a descendant of Brahma and was a student of Lord Shiva. Born to Renuka and saptrishi Jamadagni, Parshurama was considered as the reliever of earth from burdens by exterminating the sinful and irreligious kings whi were wasting the resources and neglecting the duties their throne demanded from them. Parshuram played very important roles in Mahabharata and Ramayana; he was the guru (mentor) of Bhisham pitama, Dronachrya and Karna. His extremist nature and short tempered attitude made Prashurama a very authoritative figure. He did not let any man or Deva stand in front of him when he would speak. A great orator, Prashurama was an invincible debater and one of the greatest worriers of all time.

5 Greatest Debaters In Hindu Mythology

3. Vidur:

Vidur, according to the epic Mahabharata as half-brother to the kings Dhritarashtra and Pandu of Hastinapur, he was an incarnation of god of death – Yama. Being raised and educated by Bhishma himself as the half-brother of the princes, he was not offered the throne of Hastinapur because he was not of the royal blood. In addition to being one of the most central characters of Mahabharata, Vidur was the most intelligent characters. His intellect was praised by Bhishma and it made him one of the most revered in the entire kingdom. Given his oratory skills he was feared by everyone and he was respected as the most confidential advisor to the Pandavas. With his warnings, Pandavas escaped death on many occasions.

5 Greatest Debaters In Hindu Mythology

2. Ashtavakra:

Ashtavakra has been mentioned in the Hindu scriptures as one of the most learned sages. Born with eight deformities, the sage is revered as the author of the Aṣṭavakra Gita or the Astavarkra Samhita, which was authored as a treatise to instruct Raja Janaka about self. King Janak and sage Yajanvalkya were the Ashtavakra’s deciples. When he was in the womb, Ashtavakra’s mother would attend sage Uddalaka’s Veda classes. Ashtavakra in the womb had become familiar with pronunciations of every syllable so well that he corrected Uddalaka’s best student Kahola on eight occasions of his pronunciations from within the womb. The agitated Kahola cursed the unborn child to be born with eight deformities on the body.

5 Greatest Debaters In Hindu Mythology

1. Naradmuni:

Narada or Naradmuni is a prominent Vedic sage who has been an eminent part of Ramayana and the Bhagavata Purana. Narada is considered as the most travelled sage with the great ability to visit any distant world or realm. Naradmuni is considered as the first journalist on Earth; this made him a great orator and debater capable of even altering Lord Vishnu’s views. Narada is considered as a pure glorified soul by Vishnu enthusiasts. Narada is also known to glorify Vishnu with his devotional songs singing mind-gripping names Hari and Narayana.

5 Greatest Debaters In Hindu Mythology


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