5 Food-State Stereotypes Prevalent In India Since Ages

11:00 pm 24 Aug, 2014

Food is something that all Indians swear by. But thanks to a state-wise tension that has been looming large, though quiet subtly, our minds have been traversed by a state-wise distinction of food habits too. For example, a Bengali has to love fish, and a Punjabi, Butter Chicken and so on.

There’s a lot more to food habits than such unwarranted distinctions. In this list, we shall try to understand a few of these stereotypical “theories” or the “food politics” that has been doing rounds for years now—thanks to Bollywood and even dramatic Indians—and, see how futile and idiotic these are—

5. If It’s “South Indian”, It HAS To Be Peculiar Amalgam of Chilies and Sour!

No, No…heck NO! The staple food of the “South Indians” may be dosa, idly, rasam, etc, but the sour and chilies content are more decided by the place and its proximity to the coastal region than anything else. Like any other part of the world, herein too, it is the climate which is the deciding factor of the cuisine, than anything else. And, for your information, NOT everyone in the southern part of India is vegetarian. People from Kerala swear by their delectable fish curries as the Punjabis do with their Chicken Tandoori! So, guys, don’t you think it’s time to revolutionize our mindset?

Food-State Stereotypes

4. “Nobody Will Marry You If Your Roti Is Not Round”

This may be a film’s dialogue, but, sadly, this is one of the innumerable stereotypes that have been associated with the Punjabis for eons now. It is as if no one, but the Punjabis can make perfect round rotis, and the Punjabis never have pizza or even phulkes! It’s high time for “non-Punjabis” to understand that Rajma-Chawal or Chole-Chawal is as much a part of Punjabi staples as is Roti-tandoori for that matter! Guys, can we just accelerate our thoughts a bit please?

Food-State Stereotypes

3. Mishti Doi and Kolkata Aren’t Synonymous, Darling!

Ask any celebrity about their most favorite food indulgence in Kolkata, no matter how figure conscious the person is, the inevitable answer will be “Mishti Doi”. God! No! Kolkata is renowned for its sweet tooth, agreed; but that’s not what the city’s sweet culture is all about. You get myriad types of sweets, which are (if not better) as good as Mishti doi! So, we’d request stereotype-makers to taste at least some before picking up your best! Thank you!

PS. Non-vegetarian items needn’t necessarily mean “fish” solely to the Bengalis.

Food-State Stereotypes

2. Are You From North-East? You Must Be Eating Frogs and Cockroaches!

Yet another and perhaps the most annoying stereotype ever it is! We still can’t fathom the reason that urges people from other parts of India term Northeast Indians as people, who relish eating cockroaches and frogs alone. For your information, Northeast Indians wrap up some of the best cheese ever produced in the country, and their Tibetian and Nepali aligned curries and noodles will blow you off to such an extent that you’ll forget “your” Chinese. And, yes; they love their Biryanis and Tandooris a lot, too! So, before speaking anything, we should first know about the same, don’t you think so?

Food-State Stereotypes

1. You Had Biryani in South India? Well, It Must Have Had Curry Leaves and Imly Chutney as the Main Ingredients!

It may sound really funny at first, but it is, actually, quite annoying! If Biryani can only be made perfectly in the Mughal or Nizam ruled states, then Delhi should have wrapped up the best Biryani ever, and Punjabis and Marathis should have remained alien to the taste of this sinful delicacy! But since it is more about the recipe and the magic of the cook than the history, we’d beg you to change your notion a bit. Yes, in many places down south you may get curry leaves and imly chutney in Biryani (oops!), but that does not speak about all the places and restaurants in South India! Sheer logic it is, don’t you agree?

Food-State Stereotypes

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