5 Famous Works Of Bhai Ram Singh, A Famous Pre-Partition Punjabi Architect

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7:00 am 8 Aug, 2014

Bhai Ram Singh is one of the most sought after architects in the 19th century. Very many pass outs from Khalsa College in Amritsar are not aware that the architect of their institution was such a well respected Indian.

He had designed many buildings in the states of Patiala, Jammu and Kashmir, Nabha and Jind. He was the undisputed architect of those times without a rival in sight. His partnership with an exceptional builder of those times produced many remarkable buildings in Lahore, pre 1947. He literally reshaped Lahore with his vision and besides building, he was also a well known philanthropist. His style was inspired by the native, Mughal and colonial style of architecture. Born in a family of carpenters design came naturally to him. Sadly, despite his achievements, the Indian government has totally forgotten to acknowledge his contributions. You might find his portrait in one of the Queens palaces in England, but nowhere in India.

Let’s read more about some of the buildings designed by him.

5. The Lahore Museum

This world famous building is situated on The Mall, in Lahore, Pakistan. The building was designed by Bhai Ram Singh and built by Sir Ganga Ram. It is the biggest museum in Pakistan and presently a part of it is under renovation. The museum holds exceptional specimens of Sikh and Mughal doorways and fine wood work. There are paintings that date back to the Mughal, British and Sikh period. Visitors can also see a collection of textiles, pottery and musical instruments. Father of Rudyard Kipling was one of the first curators of the museum.

Famous Works Of Bhai Ram Singh

4. National College of Arts

Popularly known as the NCA, is one of the oldest institutes of learning in Lahore. It was formerly called the Mayo School of Arts, in dedication to Lord Mayo.  It is a unique institution in urban cultural settings. Its aim is to cultivate the talent and potential in students. Students who enroll have bright chance of a professional career and global success.

Famous Works Of Bhai Ram Singh

3. Atchinson College

Needs very little introduction and is high up in the list of schools providing quality education in Lahore. It is a highly prestigious, selective, semi private and independent boarding school for boys in Lahore. Bhai Ram Singh has designed this beautiful masterpiece and it was established in 1886. Teachers here stress on all round development of their students, inclusive of studies and co–curricular activities. This is the only school in Pakistan that is a member of the Headmasters Conference.

Famous Works Of Bhai Ram Singh

2. The University of the Punjab

Located in the downtown area of Lahore, this university is one of the oldest and largest in the country. It was designed and built by the successful duo of Bhai Ram Singh and Ganga Ram. Established in 1882 at one time a staggering 30,000 students are enrolled here. The University was ranked number 1 in the list of universities offering multiple faculties in 2012. The moment you enter the campus you are bedazzled bythemagnificenceof the structure and the detailed work done on it.

Famous Works Of Bhai Ram Singh

1. The Osborne House

The Osborne House was a former residence of the royals, situated in East Cowes, Isle of Wright in UK. This house was built between 1845 and 1851 for Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. It was meant to be a summer home and retreat in the country side. Prince Albert did the designing of the house himself and the style was Renaissance Italian palazzo. Bhai Ram Singh was specially commissioned to design a durbar hall for her.Queen Victoria actually died in this house and since 1921 the building has been thrown open to the public.

Famous Works Of Bhai Ram Singh

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